God Is Not Black Poem by Isaac 'slimx'

God Is Not Black

Its levitical and mystical,
its not political but hypocritical,
its more apocalyptical than astrological,
it is prophetical and suicidal,
but am making it poetical
yes I know that God is black
for why should He come down to my level?
for I am here fighting for survival,
while he lives in heaven,
your dice is not that of chance,
for it have six written all over it,
mine start from one and ends with zero,
for if you go a mile,
then I have to go ten,
if you cry, then I must wail
if you stumble then I must fall,
you have the fish and also have the bread,
you drink sweet wine while I settle for vinegar,
still my hope is in the hands of God,
it is tough for me,
knowing that God is not black.

God is not black
so why should I be dismay,
He is not my friend either,
so why rejoice,
for I know God is not black.

God is not black,
it’s nothing new,
our fathers told us,
before the squirting of the black gold,
before the diamonds were given birth to,
we knew of it from time immemorial,
we know that God is not black.

God is not black,
neither has he been chained,
try whitening Him and see where it will lead you,
put Him in you house and see if you can sustain Him,
you cannot make Him work in your plantation,
so don’t be proud,
because God is not black.

God is not black
neither does He have nappy hair,
we’ve been told from ancient times,
our fathers told us so,
and our mothers warned us,
so don’t let your heart be lifted up in futility,
and keep arrogance far from your eyes,
for though God is not black,
your heart is black,
and your mind darkened,
with stains of sins and iniquities.

God is not black
we knew it as the bow of your abominable ships
landed on our shores,
God was not black even as we sailed the stormy oceans
yes we knew God was not black,
even as we ploughed the unforgiving plantations,
for God owns the heavens and the earth,
and redeems whosoever He wants,
He does as it pleases Him,
God is not black because he is not a pawn in this game of inequality,
neither has he been sacrificed on the altar of segregation,
imperialism, colonization, apartheid nor enslavement,
So God is not black and he will never be black.

God is not black,
it was so before the beginning oh, seeds of vipers,
it will be so beyond the end of times,
it is so even as we are speaking,
and it will be so when the guns die down,
when life’s curtain is drawn, God will not be black,
and still will not be, as man returns to his eternal home,
God is not black oh hallelujah,
God is not black amen.

Isaac Slimx
copyright Jan 2010

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