Desert Lily Poem by Isabella Francis

Desert Lily

I’ve got lost in a ruthless desert,
Pained with hunger, dying with thirst.

I’ve wandered in vain for days,
For escaping, there seem to be no ways.

My hands are parched and my feet bare,
There lies nothing but sand as far as I stare.

Each passing day is a horrid torture
Every passing second my hope of survival scatters.

I see mirages, teasing me everywhere,
Without being kept, their promises aren’t fair.

It had all started the day I ventured to find you,
The chances of finding you were decidedly few.

You left abruptly without a warning call,
Shattering all our dreams like pieces of mirror small.

I know for once you came to this kingdom of sand,
My only clue was your footprint on the limits of this arid land.

I came with you as an only survival instinct at all,
I have nothing to lose except live, that’s all.

I will never lose my life that’s for sure,
Because you are my life need I say more?

As I stagger on with the hopes of rediscovering you,
I just wish you hadn’t left and kept little courage due.

A clear tear river sprouts from my eye,
Coursing its way through my face desert dry.

A mirage appears in front of my eyes again,
Of you and me dancing on the roof in the rain.

A dune obstructs my reverie, I lose balance and I fall down
Blinded by tears, just unable to perceive what’s going on.

I peer awestruck and feared at the dune short and long,
The tall body, face in sand, just breaks into a sad song.

It was you, your eyes flowing like the Nile,
You greet me with a weak and tired smile.

You question me “Aren’t you a mirage? ” weakly,
My self-imposed calm rolls down an incline steeply.

Choked by tears, maddened by thousand fears,
I shake my head and your eyes immediately clear.

“Just so you know the reasons I had to leave you and go
I’d never kept you happy just let your eyes flow.

Freaked out by life’s difficulties and taking it real slow
Awaiting my love your eyes did forever glow.

But I never did reciprocate your love
And for that I deserve a deadly blow”

Saying this you held a vial of liquid against your lips as you went dumb
Answered the question floating in my eyes in a word, “Venom”.

What you did later was so fatally distressing,
I wish I’d died most painfully before witnessing.

But little do you know that I also die by your side
I too have a vial filled with sparking cyanide.

As we, lifeless, lay together; our souls ascend into realms divine
Even in this desert will bloom two lily plants with branches twined.

isabella Francis 09 January 2012

Thanks a lot Uche.. Your encouragement helps me to move on.. Thanks a lot again

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Uche Chidozie 07 January 2012

Wonderful, talking about the pioneers of this unique work done here, you are one of their heir, your imagery, mood, the way the poem flow, the depiction of emotion, struggles, tribulation seen because of love. Nice work.

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