Desert Rain Poem by Sangeetha Pandaram

Desert Rain

Rain softly drapes
the trees
the city sleeps...
Then morning embraces the desert
in shivery hugs, misty kisses and dewy smiles
and a passionate shower of raindrops
the city awakes.

Afzal Shauq 27 May 2009

hi dear friend thanks for comments and sweet words too... hope we be in touched and learn from each other... as I have mentioned that I am poet with 6 books published and know litle bit as peace wisher poet becuse peace is my dream and my most of peotic thoughts are sorrouded by it... I may send you E copies of book if you like to read or keep in your record... recently an other book is going to publsih in Canada by my poetry friends which is based on the critques... it will titled THE PEACE WISHER... all about my work..hope your comments will be added to it if you do litle in detailed way...or you can do a one pag note as a over all views about my peac willing thoughts.... if you know more about me..just search my name in net, you wil find many international sites covering my poetry and thoughts... and in last let me share one of my famous say with you.... ((a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with... afzal shauq)) hope I get comments from your side, ...sure I will be doing to your poems too.... my best poetry friend... your's afzal shauq +92 346 5455414 and +92 300 520 60 95

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Gordon Francis 05 May 2008

Beautiful artistic creation!

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Minku Mahajan 05 May 2008

ohhhhh was waiting for your next poem and here it is ever so beautifulll! feels as if u felt the rain like the sand feels when it rains and decorated it with the most beautiful words! u made the desert sound so beautiful and attracting towards it through desert rain!

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Shaun William Hayes 05 May 2008

So evocative of a land so different to mine. (UK) though we share the rain : o) Thanks Sangeetha

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