Despair I Air! Poem by matthew harris

Despair I Air!

countless cold and flue seasonal occurrences ago,
(this literate, myopic nonestablishmentarian)
self vaccinated, where one don (either necessarily
gay or heterosexual apparel)with scarf and mitten
i virtually came upon this blurb when bitten

when personal zeitgeist frankly zapped,
wrenched, twisted, et cetera via turn screw of angst
like a ragged tumbleweed aimlessly
blowing in the wind

across infinitely open wide
prairie home companion land of lake Woebegone
(which wasteland famously epitomized
by Garrison Keilor)a barren vista ravaged
the categorically, hyperbolically,

metaphorically, et cetera cerebral landscape
of one measly mortal malcontent male bumping
and scraping along an accursed habiliment,
who just barely avoided, dodged, grappled
with diabolical demons mercilessly and unrelentingly

ready to seduce this somewhat sanguine Simian,
found himself amidst the pitfalls of a tortured
and twisted existence racked with pinions
that describe demonic dungeons damp,
dark, demented domains -

a veritable no man's land and impossible to escape,
no matter how fast I fled from the fearful,
fierce some phantasmagoric forms figments
of my imagination yet real and tangible as bone and flesh

haunted sacred house of slumber
and transmogrified me into a loathsome madman
(hyperbolically, indiscrimately, justifiably, et cetera
ranting and raving senseless gibberish and gobbledygook
yet perceived as metaphysical and philosophical sane

no matter yelped, vilified, and terrified against
my sibilant sound syllabification
from one womanly World Wide Web wayfarer
which virtual vagabond venerates vowels and consonants

possessing means to till intellectual soil
and converse akin to a sorceress,
who waves a magic wand
to produce satisfactorily supreme sentences

and weaves, while pulling off a magic trick
or tweet tweezing tantalizingly terrific
(modest)grammatical rhetorical
strewn topographic tundra
that this admirer of thee sole familiar lingua franca
i.e. English, envies literary adroit individuals,

hook can casually, fabulously, illustratively,
lubriciously, opportunistically, rhapsodically...
selflessly exploit real or imaginary artful
and colorful poetic/prosaic endeavors

prompts me to accompany such a bad door
and expert finagler with words inducing
this thought-provoking
(who asks tubby pardoned if aye
accidentally provokes choking
sans windy sentences

this contemplative scrivener aims
to hypnotize, magnetize, tantalize, et cetera
amidst the information super byways and highways
along winding labyrinths of critical thinking
simply spewing stepping stones

of silly rhymes without reason while enticing,
giving, inviting subtle social, nominal,
interpersonal friendly egress
into mine chamber of secrets long kept shut tight
done to maintain sure footed stance of solitude

whose only entities happened to constitute
trappings of literary lugubriousness,
those tome mar rowed tombs of largesse
identified  as great works and masterpieces of literature
yet careful to avoid complete intimacy

prompting yours truly to attend therapy
to unlock the figurative rusty barbaric cage
prying loose cherished solitude eons ago
felt more vulnerable to get shattered
and my heart and psyche tug get rent asunder

twin perils of anticipatory anxiety birthed,
speculative losses that hopefully provide
my understanding cautionary tale at the least,
a nominal understanding why I author
this, that or any other rambling missive,

who whiz, a profoundly perceptive
and acute Ape man touched to the quick
with a bit of angel dust aware agony
imposed on self from decades
being sequestered, riddled, emotionally

self quarantined arboreal beast
no longer contents himself
with his augh hissed marriage
to the confines, limitations,
and marginalization of cyberspace!

Despair I Air!
Monday, October 30, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: grief ,melancholy,sadness
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