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Split Uvula

Up until i entered six grade (at Henry Kline elementary -
a one classroom per grade - school)
classmates bullied, derided, and feigned to hammer -
jabbing leering, nasty pimping ragout as a rule

A Bridge O'er Troubled Housing Blight

the following communiqué birthed courtesy midwife viz Google,
appended for eyes of residential management, who might help map
our way onto positive destiny - so don't coon sitter this gibberish pap,
intent to broadcast poetic plea per parti-colored newsletter

The Joy Of Bing Skits Zoid

What is normal? Ah, that ever so difficult to answer question! Yes, the ethos of society communicates (thru various media) the gamut of tolerance. Nonetheless, a vague boundary circumscribes the parameters. Though this alert, civil, genteel individual pays obeisance (grudgingly) to the coda of this society, he does attest to follow the beat of his drummer ever since being a wee little sprout!
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Herewith follows an additional introduction (albeit in poetic format) to one Homo sapiens amidst the children, men and women within the human sea.

Dis Dada's Dutiful Toothfairy Daze

Page Number One:
(witch role an unavoidable mandatory phase)
that nowadays breaks the piggybank
like a dropped fragile vase

within twenty first century promotion
sans scientific paradigm
dogmatically hefty, kinetically lofty,
and poetically thoroughly, xyz beliefs misalign

My Bio-Chemical Romance

busipirone hcl 15 mg, clomipramine 50 mg,
clonozepam 0.5mg, fluoxetine hcl 40 mg and
quetiapine fumarate 100 mg stepford wives
vis a vis stimulants offering an emotional

Kaitlyn Hunt - Tapped Out Maybe A Half Dozen Years Ago.

Why the big who ha over a young woman keen
to enjoy the company of this dada if mutual consent be tween
which many in the public eye demand closeness they must wean?

Despair I Air!

countless cold and flue seasonal occurrences ago,
(this literate, myopic nonestablishmentarian)
self vaccinated, where one don (either necessarily
gay or heterosexual apparel)with scarf and mitten

Shana Aubrey Harris

born two days
after ole Punxsutawney i.e. the Doctor Phil -
of woodchucks Latin Name = Marmota Monax
nest resembled Rastafarian hair weave,

sorrowful Soliloquy Sans Harriet Harris

Page Number One:

Profound misery played a silent doleful air
cremation chose versus open casket bier

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