Pete Hollingsworth

Desperation - Poem by Pete Hollingsworth

He took it very well, old Simeon:
The damage they’d inflicted on his roof
The ragged hole they tore in desperation
Which of their care and love was very proof
Their friend, you see, was terribly disabled
And needed to be carried everywhere
They’d heard about the Galilean able
To heal, and broken bodies to repair

So they’d come, laboriously bearing
The weary invalid upon his bed
Each man their burden jointly sharing
As each encouraged each, so hope was fed
At Simeon’s house, the Galilean’s teaching
Had drawn from far a crowd, within, without
Little hope of coming close and reaching
The ear of him they’d heard so much about

Yes ‘twas desperation drove them so
To hoist their friend up to the roof on high
And claw makeshift access to the room below
Let down the bed, the healer standing by
What a stir this strange descent occasioned
But the Galilean listened to their plea
And seeing faith had driven the invasion
Declared, ‘Forgiven now your sins shall be’

You should have seen the looks of consternation
That precious word ‘forgiven’ made them smart
‘God alone’, they said, ‘gave absolution,
He alone forgiveness could impart’
But the Galilean knew what they were murm’ring
And with a look of sadness of them asks
‘Of which, to bring healing or forgiving
Which the most difficult of tasks? ’

Then all were filled with wonder, all amazed
For turning to the man there at his feet
‘Stand up, take up your bed, go home’ he says
At once the man arose healed and complete
His friends broke into songs of jubilation
Giving praise and glory unto God
Then set about the careful restoration
Of Simeon’s roof, where they had lately trod

Yes, he took it well, old Simeon
And oft would reminisce with brightened eye
About his face was written affirmation
When Jesus in his mercy had stopped by
He’d entertained the Son of God on high

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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