A Cry For Help Poem by Silentpoet Grl

A Cry For Help

Rating: 4.6

collapsed in tears of pain
so lost in heavy confusion
how did things get so messed up
Please help me now is all i can say
God, hear my cries and see my tears
this is not what i wanted
i begged for it to not happen this way
so unsure i am of many things
i am still so young
i just cant handle this
so if you are there
know i am crying out in desperation
Please save me from my pain
but there is just an empty silence all around
Please, i don't want to be lost and so alone
Are you there? Are you even real?
waiting for answers i can only think
maybe i am not worth saving...
or maybe just meant to endure this pain.

Bella Hernandez 10 November 2011

God is always here for you! Dont give up, just keep believeing Im sure He is right there now! great write! ! i can relate to it i too had doubts of my beliefs until i relized that He's always been there, just i didnt want Him around then I felt alone and cried out for Him again You need to know 2 things He is always there for you and He loves you ~Bella

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Jacquelyn Portillo 11 November 2011

i think this is my favorite and thanks for the comment

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Saintdc Reward 28 November 2011

Yhu r pretty worth saving.... Glad i read yhur poem., its awesome

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Rigzin Namgyal 15 December 2011

..that was a great write.. :)

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Hope Anderson 21 December 2011

i really dont know what to say but this is a pretty good poem: +) .. and God does hear your cry he hears every one cry u have to pray and ask God to help u like people always say let go let God: +) u just have to trust God in what he do and in what he have planned in your life ~hope: +)

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Robert Beck 27 October 2012

As always, a great poem

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Kelly Seale 19 August 2012

if i didn't know you as I do... I would cry for you, with you... but I know the Dark Poetress's muse, and She is Death. Great Write Silentpoet Grl! I'm a Fan! -Kelly.

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Rain ... 30 June 2012

Dear sis, I don't know how much i love this poem.....your pain full feelings are expressed here.. i don't want to be lost and so alone.........cute line.... God is great...he will definitely help you |

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Smack Thompson 19 January 2012

Reminds me of this one guy i dig hanging on a cross asking why hes been forsaken good poem lady

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Virginia Pecho Gely 10 January 2012

We are not alone in this univers. We are the most important creatures in this world. There is always someone taking care of you, listening to you, understanding you...But HIS ways are not our ways. His time is not our time. He will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Keep on seaching, cause you'll find, keep hoping.... Please keep alive with your poetry. Your works are amazing.

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