Destiny's Door Poem by Ghazala Lari

Destiny's Door

If we accept reality as it is,

Not as our minds have painted it to be,

Disappointment will be a rare companion,

Instead, gratitude will flow like a gentle stream.

No longer longing for what could have been,

We find solace in what already is,

The tapestry of fate unfolds before our eyes,

As we steer our own ship with each choice we make.

Pray for your needs, oh weary soul,

But remember, the divine knows what's best,

If it aligns with your destined path,

Blessings will rain upon your grateful heart.

Do not persist at closed doors, my friend,

For behind you lies the open path,

The doorway to your chosen destination,

Awaits your hopeful gaze, ready to guide.

Surrender to the hands of the Almighty,

The all-knowing, the all-seeing, the wise,

He weaves a tapestry of perfection,

Each day a new thread, a new level of growth.

Fear not, for missed opportunities do not exist,

Closed gates were never meant for your stride,

Regrets are burdens we must cast aside,

And keep faith in Allah's abundant grace.

For His blessings are boundless, my dear,

A vast ocean of abundance, waiting to be shared,

Embrace optimism, let hope be your guide,

For Allah's benevolence knows no bounds.

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