Did I?

Did i disappoint you
and let you down
did i make you feel sorrow
when i was around?
I took your smile
and made you lie
i held your hand
a thousand times,
but it wasn't enough
to heal the wounds
that were caused by you
being with me.

I'm so sorry baby
for all those things,
i wish i was there for you
in every way.
I watched you sleep
i watched you dance
i stood in the distance
in a trance.
I couldn't take
my eyes off you
but it was to late
i was already in love with you.

Did you cry
or did you smile,
did you want me to die
a thousand times?
I would do anything
to erase the hurt
and all the pain
but nothing i can do
will change what i did to you.

I'm sorry baby
yes i am,
i ask for your forgiveness
i ask for a chance.
Without you in my life
to make me feel
I'm so empty inside
it can't be real.
I know i hurt you
and let you down
but say you forgive me
and let love last.

I'm so sorry baby
yes i am,
please forgive me
this is my last chance.