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I have recently come across this site again so I will be updating. I have re-read through some of my poems.. WOW they are bad, but they are a part of me and a part of my poetry process of growing up so to speak, so i will leave them up here in all their 'glory'.

I do not write to be published, I write merely because I like to, but I can guarantee, (or hopefully) that my newer work is much better!

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Hate And Love

drive me crazy
make me insane
all these emotions
run through my brain.

Of A Place

i dream of a place
a place far away
wuth sun sand and sea
just so far away.


as i walk past
you do not see
that im trying to get you
to notice me.


i'll remember your name
i'll remember your face
i'll always remember
the way you would complain.

Different Ending

it wasnt ment to be like this
i had a plan that fell into place.
what happenend for it to fall apart
it shattered and broke

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