Francis Duggan

Did You Ever Feel - Poem by Francis Duggan

Did you ever feel quite suicidal since success you never may know
That despite your hard work and best efforts for your time you have nothing to show
Quite bored of your unhappy existence you know what the hard life's about
And for you an inglorious ending may not be a bad way out

Of the worries that surround you nothing for you is going right
You've grown tired of making ends meet life's a constant uphill fight
You keep buying the lotto tickets hoping for a dream come true
But as in life in lotto the losers many and the winners only few.

You are not the only person for to ever feel this way
There are millions of people all around the World Today
Struggling just for to make ends meet doesn''t life seem so unfair
In a World where thousands must grow poorer for every new millionaire.

Did you ever feel so despondent that you went to bed at night
Half hoping that you would not wake to see the gray dawn and daylight
That the Reaper he might claim you before your appointed time
Even though you are only middle aged just a few years past your prime.

Did you ever feel as others do that you have had enough
That the whole World is against you and life on you is always tough
But you''ve lived with disappointments and you''ve overcome despair
And despite your poor existence you always hang in there.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 29, 2008

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