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Didn'T Expect It - Poem by Christina Phan

I never thought you will move, because of me
I’m feel so horrible and I
Didn’t expect it
Once I found out it hurts so much
It opens my eyes
Now you are gone
I didn’t make right choices and break you into million pieces
Things will never be same
I’m so sorry
I feel like I know you forever
We were so close in school in 10th grade
How I can get over you?
You were different and what I’m looking for
I can be me around you and have fun with you, but
Things change in 11th grade
I can’t smile, laugh, and have fun like I use to around you
I regret for not dating you
You know how I feel about you
I never give us a chance
What have I done?
I didn’t see how you were good for me
Letting you down, I feel so bad
Most of poems I write are about you
That’s all I think to write about is you
I’m out of words to write because of you
On the hand
You told me that you never want to go out with me
It don’t seems like you mean it, I bet you did
You wish we were dating by the way I’m with other guys and
Not with you flirting, smiling and having good time
Memories of us have fun, laugh, hurt by each other,
Joy, and time we had spent in class in 10th grade
I never going forget it after all and it impossible to do that
I miss you too much that I know I have to let you go, but
It hurts too much to be with other guys
It’s not same like when I with you and I can’t love them like I did with you
All I think about is you
There something I need to figure out
Why I can’t let you go yet?
What I like about you that was special?
I don't know yet
I need to move on too
You gone forever and you thought you knew me but you don't, I do
I’m not going let you hold me back
I make you wait too long
I thought second chance
I will I get you, but I didn’t
I lie and you hate people lying to you
You did too and you put people in your games
I did or say things make you change your feelings about me
My life getting worsted in school
I can’t blame you and I
Didn’t expect it
When you hurt me back and get revenge, you are one to blame on and me too
This end in tragedy and so many damages happen
This is life
We like to get attention that’s what all our friends say I bet
We turn out to be jerk especially you
I will never spread rumors about you like the way you did to me
I feel so hurt and sad that you did that
This side I never saw before
You do anything to hurt me back so badly
My heart is shatter
I thought you were different
Everything reminds me of you
You never care about me
Wow, I’m shock right now
I feel so dumb for loving you this long and so much
I’m just speechless right now and I need to live my life
Didn’t expect it
To know it now is better
I can move on for good
I’m stupid to wait around longer
Their never going be us or chances going happen
Is all over now and
Didn’t expect it

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