7 Things I Love About You Poem by Christina Phan

7 Things I Love About You

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1. I love your beautiful brown eyes
When I look in your eyes
I see love between us and sparks
I see connection between us

2. I love your short brownish hair
When you fixed it, I just love it
When you move it back and forth,
I get lost in space

3. I love your pretty smile
That I can't stop looking at it
Your smile is like a diamond
Your smile is so cute

4. I love your style
Its amazing thing I ever see
Your style is like a skater boy
Something new and different in good way

5. I love your laugh
When time you do it
It makes me want to laugh too
I can't get your laugh out my mind

6. I love your personality
Everything about it's so amazing
I learn something new everyday
It's so interesting and great to learn

7. I love your moves
The way you walk
The way you run and jump over desk
It's so cool and its move you learn from skateboarding

7 things I love about you

Lucia Domingos Fula 04 June 2010

awww i love this poem you go gal! ! ! ! it's sos sweet! ! ! keep it up! ! keep writing! ! ! i give 100000+! ! ! :)

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Anil Kumar Panda 19 March 2012

very nice.a sweet love poem indeed.

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Abdallah Gamal 24 July 2011

I love this poem, , it's fabulous and so like the 7 world wonders, , nice poem :)

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Zubyre Parvez 05 February 2011

I like this poem. The appearance of numbers in the poem is refreshing! ..

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Subbaraman N V 08 January 2011

Great! Learn to love all and serve all!

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good poem but you need to work more on your vocabulary , structure, and grammer: D

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Christina Phan

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