Digital India Poem by Nash Thomas

Digital India

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Digital India - Poem by Nash Thomas
Prior to 2014, digital India was a wild dream,
After 2014, digital India became a dream,
Now, digital India is a reality,
Reality to interact with PM,
Reality to interact with officials,
Now, the base is fine,
We need global citizenship,
That must be the next idea,
Through Atlas mapping,
One can open an account
Anaccount in the USA from India,
A virtual bank address,
Through IP based atlas mapping,
India yet to in that panel,
To have jobs of high payout,
I have submitted to include India in various portals,
I hope that will consider shortly,
India to part of global mapping,
To get a global banking portal at home,
All are the outcomes of digital India.
To provide services at global standards,
And make our wild dreams a perfect reality.

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07/12/2018,10.24 AM, Kadammanitta.
Nash Thomas

Thursday, December 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams
Ratnakar Mandlik 06 December 2018

The description of India becoming digital, which was once a wild dream, becoming a reality is in itself laudable. Thanks for sharing. Off course it deserves full marks.

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Nash Thomas 07 December 2018

Thanks a great for the reading, rating and comment. Kindly read my poem on motivation too.

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