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I sit at the edge of the sea,
just throwing pebbles in,
thinking of each one as they go,
thinking back at everything I've been taught,

Flowing through my life like a river,
you provide that tranquility,
the ever constant path and rhythm.
You are all I could of asked for.

Strings of light enter the room
illuminating your golden strands
giving life to your emerald eyes
just simply making my day perfect.

I am guilty of all sins,
since the first day I met you,
and deeply fell in love with you,
as you made my world turn.

Many say that I have changed,
that I am not the one they saw before.
Others say that somehow I have softened,
that the gleam of love is apparent in my eyes.

There are many thing which I like,
each depending on how you make me feel,
that fear it gives you, when you think you're going under,
and you have no clue if you will come out or not,

Explosions of multicolored joy,
as they light up the night sky,
destroying all worries and thoughts.

Almost never found,
But gorgeous at first sight,
Seen from a point of view almost no one has,
Obscure to the common sight,

Cuando entras en melancolia,
yo siempre estare a tu lado,
para secarte tus lagrimas con mis besos,
aguantarte en mis brazos toda la noche.


Nature doesn’t want me,
Love doesn’t want me,
What else is there for me?
When my mind just seems to bleed,

Sun rises on such a wonderful day,
to find you with a frown on your face.
Saying that you feel unloved,
that I have not cared for your heart.

In those moments of life,
where light doesn't seem to shine,
as shadows corrode your thoughts,
causing pain and havoc;

I watch myself across the room,
my life in perspective, in zoom.

A sole image that doesn't lie,

A mist of joy surrounds the area,
all those caught inside endure the most precious gift,
the one of having the most treasured emotion;
and having the one they truly love.

Me capturas aqui
en tu mirada profunda
sin ningun escape.

In a place far away
we will all set to wait,
to see who it will take,
to climb the mountains so high,

There are times I try and figure why I care,
Why I keep coming back to you,
Even when I see no progress at all,
As if there was something for me to gain,

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Just someone trying to get through life.)

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Returning Home

I sit at the edge of the sea,
just throwing pebbles in,
thinking of each one as they go,
thinking back at everything I've been taught,
how I shouldn't become attached to anything,
as everything at one point must go,
and if you love it, it is better to let go,
so if you let go and it comes back,
then it was truly meant to be,
being told that if you think of something,
it will eventually return to its home.
so here I sit with you in my hand,
the pebble which rocked my world,
tossing you out into that wild realm,
wet in chaos and ruled by change,
yet I sit here waiting for your return.
Forever and ever...

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Sara Mesghennà 25 March 2015

I read all of your poems in a short amount of time because they really simply amazing. I love what you write and the way you do it makes he difference from other people.

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May Namoc 13 August 2008

Javier Falcon is an excellent poet who uses his emotions and brings them to life in his words. he is sweet, loving, full of emotion, and strong and it shows in his work. his words truly sweep me off my feet, making me feel watever emotion was embedded in his poems. A truly wonderful poet who has a wonderful gift. He will go far! ^^ wish u luck, hunn. <3

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Javier Falcon Popularity

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