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Djangar 12 Song About The Hike On The Fierce Han Hara Kinyas - Poem by Yuri Starostin

12 song
About the hike on the fierce han Jara Kinyas
Saying on: the han reside in the east.
The cruel han was to calling Jara Kinyas -
The enslaver of the seven elevated powers,
And the subjugator of the seven underground powers,
And the leader of the strongest fighter in the world,
Of the bogatyrs, of the glorified men of courage,
The powerful ruler of the vast country,
The domain is not touched by the arms of the war
On the range of the seven earth generations.
The bodyguards of the han: the last one of them
Will cope with the whole tyumen of the bogatyrs.
If Kinyas leaves with his guard -
The twelve thousand fighters goes around,
If Kinyas rests in his guard
Fairy tower - the twenty thousand fighters
Stand in the rotation at the palace doors.

That nobody could not to cause a hurt
To the terrible teams of the valorous bogatyrs,
The leopard and the hyena which pupils are motionless,
Stand about the staff on the chains always
The leopard and the hyena tearing all on a pieces,
That will be fallen them into the clutches. When set free them
At the night, unchain,
To be not suppose to the uncountable athletes
Of the thousand countries to the collars of the staff: The stones
In the steppe- and those shiver from a roar of the animals!
The most nice hosts of the bogatyrs,
The most proof ones- runs in a disorder,
The most brave ones - runs no looking back.

The hundred powerful circles has converged on a feast
In a tower, that is fine, as a haze in the morning.
Already the bellies became heavy from a viands,
The black arzy burnt down the giants inside,
To keep is not, seeming, the noisy conversation.
Began to calculate a campaigns for a hundred years.
Began to calculate an investigations for a six years.
The arms rubbing, by the sight of the magical eyes
Throwing his team,
Crunching by all ten fingers,
Leading the tested athletes in the trembling,
Kinyas said: « Whether somebody can compete with me
On the earth under -moon stronghold? »

Here the bogatyr, on calling Beke Tsagan
Becoming the thunder of the hundred twelve countries,
Glorified by the force in the countries of the six lords,
Brave Tsagan which used to fight
With the set of a lions, killing each lion, -
Said such words to Jara Kinyas:
«The countries of the under- moon earths, to that
It is possible to a horse to reach, - I will subordinate to my force,
The power I will confirm on the each terrestrial piece! »

But the bogatyr, on calling Naran Kyuskhe,
Truly predicting the turn of the events
On the ninety and nine spring forward
And narrating with the true on the lips
About the forty nine past years, -
So has reported to the lord: «Jara Kinyas!
We will catch our lion now on the word,
But patiently hear my story.

There is, speaking, the country behind the mountains Bumba,
It lies under the ascending dawn,
And this earth is connected to the heavens
By the stately white mountain since ancient time.
The blue ocean was reflected the earth body.
Every morning a surf throws
On the infinitely darkening coasts
The gold ingots, the pieces of a silver, a pearls.
If the person quench the ocean water,
Becomes immortal and will be young forever.
The set of the noisy rivers cut the earth,
Eternally the water rustles in a stony channels,
Is tasty, not freezing never,
It rushes a four seasons,
The true riches of the people -is it.
The rivers, like a waterpipe ¹, flow,
About the yurtas, flow to any input,
By the moisture supplying thousand of a thousand people.

If you will look at dark coast,
The pastures for a horses will appear to the eye,
The evergreen, shaken slightly
Grass covers the meadows in a summer and a winter,
By the gentle breath of a fresh breeze -
Precisely the pray, read drawlingly.

The tower topped by the ochir, stands
On the world centre, in a circle of the tree,
The tower of Bogdo, shining over the world, stands,
It is shone, exactly the heat haze, from a distance.
Saying: it leaves in a clouds,
Precisely the picture flaunts in the heavens,
The paints change you look.
The average all domes burn inside
By the rare bowls of a colour of a dawn,
And given the walls from a stone with a flame half-and-half
To the ten lateral domes.
The seventy thousand eagles should be live
Have decorated the ten external domes,
It seems that will choose a day for the flight.

The right party amazes by the a carving!
Competing in speed with a jerboa, the deer runs.
You will look from the left - the immortalised fight of the leopard with a hyena
Will arise before you.
The bridge is built on the short distance,
Similar on the colour with a sparkle of the northern stars.
It conducts directly to the threshold, and there, at the doors
Of this monastery of the nice bogatyrs -
The stone pillars stately stands,
Shine by the gold, stands at the left and at the right sides.

Having entrusted the life to an spearhead,
The passions - having devoted to the country, and to Djangar-themself.
The bogatyrs that swore on the sacred mirde
To live as the one person always and everywhere,
Serving the native land against an enemies,
The seven immense circles settle in the tower.

The elbow loan on the leopard fur,
Djangar-noyon sits, the lord of the tribes
On the snow-white devskirs *, above all.
Behind you will look - he waves by a sandal-wood tree,
Sideways you will look - he shines by the full moon,
The round moon of the fifteenth steppe night.
In front you will look at Djangra Bogdo, having bolder, -
There will be a thirsty lion before you.

The combed plait by the women
In the silver spangles, as a rain dew,
Has heavy laid down on the powerful muscles of a back,
Between which there could pass a camel
With the heavy luggage - and would not get stuck in a way.
The hair black, by a fantastic thickness,
Released by Djangar in the past year,
Trimmed by the han-woman during the current year,
Have covered the ears. The lobes of the ears got
The pair of the earrings that have hung at a steel neck.
Djangar brown magical eyes
More sharp-sighted the all-seeing merlin eyes:
The flame in them flashes and the thunder-storm is concealed.

The Djangar moustaches - are the similarity of the eagle wings.
If Djangar has slightly opened the back,
We would see the inhabitants of the heaven power.
The leader are thrown the long spears without a miss,
Throws by the white arm, and that crossed
The lion's force with the immortal force of an elephant.
The guise of Maydera shines on a light forehead,
The guise of Maydera, unknown to the earth, -
To look on that, gave the life!

The grey heart, the fine, clear breast,
The scarlet soul - a foes thirst for it! -
The glorified spear serves.
The spear has been twisted from the thousand trunks,
Saying: its core is weaved
From the horn parts of the six hundred goats,
And it cover by the sinews
Of the whole herd of the young geldings -
Of the bald, dun, karak and bay ones.

The top part - a temptation subject was.
The knifes on a staff were a fright of a souls,
And a tip the steel - was a diamond,
And the two-humped camel in the temlak would not get stuck!
In a stone standing at a tower, the spear is clamped.
This sandal spear in a three grasps
Thrust in the white block on a hundred arshin
So, that the giant is not every will be pulled out.

The lord of the countries goes on that, the horse
Has been conceived by the first -foal filly,
Getting from the herd of the thoroughbred mares,
That are first-foal, without a bald heads and without a motley,
With the manes from the stones of the precious breeds…
The horse of the lord is worthy of his glory:
He is not tired in a heavy campaigns,
Three times will gallop round his power,
But and then he is no on the rest.

Saying: the glorified racer has
The neck of the swan, the kara-kulan back,
And the stately breast - is equal to Altai.
The bang is similar to the soft river kupava;
The ears are similar to the jug handles carved;
The eyes are more shrill of the merlin eyes;
The fortress of cutters surpasses a fortress of the pincers;
The canines are similar to a drills - are sharp and strong;
The pearl-barley tail is iridescent - of the marvellous length;
The steps are rare: the hoofs - to the earth powers
Bear the death; to call a racer Aranzal,
And the bogatyr called by Bor Mangna
Became the horse-breeder, looking after him.

The bogatyrs feast under the arch of a heavens.
Over the bogatyrs - a silk dark blue canopy,
That the heat did not burn down them, did not wet by the dew;
By the deer meat, by the blest arzy,
That is favourite of Djangar, all are treated there,
Who would come - all are sated there.

Surrounded by the girls, by the daughters-in-law,
The Bogdo wife sits near to him, -
Is similar to a magnificent amber decline,
Is similar to the morning dawn -ray sun.
The look of the ruler-woman shines by that light,
To embroider at it the most thin pattern.
If the fine han-woman will look
Unintentional on the herd- the herd -breeder can watch
Behind the herd and in a gloom night.
And the wife lords is fine that,
That if she will be lowered the look on the water,
That you will count all fishes at a deep bottom,
That you notice a birth of the fishes in a depth.

Arguing by the beauty, her girlfriends sits
In the charm-face circle, in her half-thousand circle, -
Glorify the unspeaking beauty of the han wife.
Her plaits are not hardly braided;
The shins reach her tokugi;
Her silk magnificent dressing gown is elastic;
The dressing gown cut from an unknown fabric;
There is the gold attire, telling, -on a head
By the price in the whole jamb of the five years' horses,
Embroidered by the pearls by han woman Urjin Badma;

The feet put in the fine boots.
In the soft, bright red boots
Saying on: for the sewing of only backs
It has been paid the hundred gold coins,
And for the sewing of the morocco heels
It has been given the seventy gold coins.
The pair similar to these, are not exist on the world, -
The five skilled master women stitched them in the years!
The people admiring their traces,
Pay for the right of survey a five hundred coins.
The people, admiring most them,
Pay for it the ten thousand coins.

Djangar got the twenty brave years
In those days, when took the beauty in the wife.
Racer Aranzal was seven-year then.

The hans - a lords of the many earths and the seas -
Offered to Bogdo the daughters in the wife
Together with their treasury and their wise advice, -
Djangar has not awarded their by his answer!
And the simple noyons stuck to him
And the daughters offered in the wife to him
Together with the reins of the terrestrial and spiritual affairs,
But the bogatyr and to listen to their did not want!

Having not found the suitable girls for himself,
To go towards the west, by an unknown way,
Djangar was started up on fast Ryzhka
More low the sky, above the cranked grasses.
Long time the noyon wandered in the waterless steppe,
Long skipped in the peopless, fruitless steppe,
Wearied by the thirst and by the dry breath of the heats,
Hanging his spear on a horse mane.
And having climbed up on the top of the bald mountain,
He is, loaning on the sandal spear,
Surveyed an inhabitants of the alien earth.

The black sea, he noticed afar,
Is in the seventy months of the fast driving in the width
The water glass burst, pile.
Throw the stones in a mare in the size,
Another current flew against the current.
The stones fought about the stones, the water was split up,
Flashed the burn, and then
The malicious, deadly fight of a wave with a wave began.
There the coasts in the nine hundred sazhens in the height
Of the unextinguishable fire are sparkled in the night,
The capes were sharp - as a steel swords.

Overseas nice Gyushi Zamba is the han.
The gentle daughter the destiny was granted to him.
The host of the mangases - they are dangerous to a people, -
He owned by all three incomparable chindamany
And by the gold mountain in the origin...
Tengria son dreamt for a long time to become engaged
With the han daughter - moon -face Shavdal, -
Djangar killed the inhabitant of the heaven in the fair struggle,
The mangas army he was subordinated to himself,
Became the lord of the han country of Gyushi Zamba, -
So he married on young Aha Shavdal.

Truly predicting the events turn
On the ninety and nine spring forward -
Saying on: Altan Tsedzhi heads
The right party of Djangar bogatyrs.
The glory about him has passed the countries boundaries.
He is frank with the majestic khan always
And informs about a secret and obvious things always.
The left side of Djangar bogatyrs,
Saying on, Gyuzan Gyumbe heads,
Invincible neither on an idleness, nor in an struggle.
Gyumbe is worthy this high honour,
He lead the army in the tremble by the pole-axe!
Saying on: at the constrained seat - Gyumbe
Can take a places of a twenty athletes.
Saying on: at the free seat - Gyumbe
Can take a places of a forty athletes.

¹ The kalmyks known the waterpipe since a long time.

To be continued….

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