Yuri Starostin Poems

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Borodino Mikhail Lermontov

BORODINO Mikhail Lermontov
- Tell, uncle, it is not a gift,
Moscow burnt by a fire,
does given to the frenchman?

About Motherland By Rasul Gamzatov

About motherland

I could not to understand, but now I do -

My Dagestan Rasul Gamzatov

My Dagestan
When travelled the set of the countries,
Tired, after the farewell at home I was turned back,
Inclined over me Dagestan has asked:

The Cranes Rasul Gamzatov

The cranes
It seems to me at times that the soldiers,
Do not come from the bloody fields,
Not in this earth have lie once,

Notre Dame De Paris - Esmeralda

Musicals - Notre Dame De Paris - Esmeralda

Novice Mzyri Mikhail Lermontov

Novice Mzyri
Mikhail Lermontov

Native Language By Rasul Gamzatov

Native language
Always all in a dream is a ridiculous is and strange.
An asleep was me today my death.
There is in the afternoon heat in the valley of Dagestan

Song Of The Varangian Guest From The Opera 'sadko'

Song of the Varangian Guest from the Opera 'Sadko'
The waves terrible break up with the roaring on the rocks
And, turning with the white foam, run back.
But firmly the grey cliffs endure the waves rush

In The Moon Shine

In the moon shine
In the moon shine
The snow is silver in the moon shine,
The troyka rush along the road.

Beggar Woman- Romances

Romances — Beggar Woman

The winter is, the snowstorm is, and the snow fall
By the large flakes at the strong wind,

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