Do Not Lose Hope. Poem by Confidence Ayodeji

Do Not Lose Hope.

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You must no't lose hope.
Even when the going gets tough.
Do not lose hope.
Even in the darkest time's,
Do not lose hope.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Do not lose hope.
No matter what, there will always be a way forward.
Do not lose hope.

Stay focus and be gallant.
Do not lose hope.
Even when the firmament seems cloudy.
Do not lose hope.
Though the sun may be scourging
Do not lose hope.

The present situation may not be encouraging,
Do not lose hope.
The rivers may appear dried up and scally
Do not lose hope. Remember that even in the darkest times, there's a well of hope waiting for you.
Do not lose hope.

That road to success may be full of thorny bushes, steep cliffs and scorching sands.
Please press on and do not lose hope.
Family and friends might desert you alongside
Do not lose hope.
At the end of every night lies a break for another brighter day.

Remember no one identifies with a struggling hustler.
No one celebrate a looser.
Stay focus and move steadily at your own pace.
As all will associate with you to celebrate your success.
That is the more reason you shouldn't lose hope.

Your friends and peers might be ahead of you.
Do not lose hope.
You weren't destined to blow same time.
Stay away from envy and jealous.
Speed isn't everything.
Your time and season is near.
That withered tree will sprout out new leaves.
Your hope and determination will pave way for you.
Do not lose hope.

Do Not Lose Hope.
A poem to encourage you not to give up on yourself. Hope will revive you, determination and resilience with keep you going.

Message well conveyed. Kudos dear poet.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 June 2024

Congratulations being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team as The Member Poem Of The Day. Most deserving. TOP Marks 5 Stars. Great poem loveliest worded and brilliant advice concerning HOPE and never give up!

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