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I fall in love on a lonely day
When my motion is high on a race
When my heart is dried of life & a taste
Not just when am a friend to the grave

If I die without a heir;
History will be mad at me
For choosing the path so brief
Life would be unfair to me

When I have nobody but me
I 'd rather be real
Instead of being hopeless and still
Begging for alms I won't be fit

I stopped for death
When she could not come to me
Begging she pronounce my name
Squeeze and ravage my entire home

What will I be remembered for?
Looking at life and the end of age
After sleep refuse wake
Will heaven and earth exchange a hand shake?

The Earth our hollow host
There's nothing to bank and boast
The Earth our hovering home
We are the apparitions, her ghost

There were days life was not fair to live
The years hardness of life brought us to our knees
The nights we thought we could be safe running to the grave
The period outcast was far better than the slave

Whenever I fall in love
I come with my heart complete
Pronouncing my mind so loud
In a manner my request will be made known to the heart I came visiting

War is not food;
Why hunger and thirsty of it?
War is not good;
Why plunder and clamour for it?

Fix yea your eyes on God
And not the people of this world

Beat not your chest and cheer

Aren't you done living this way?
To save this heart from further dismay
Claiming what you are not
And not knowing your worth

Mere exchange of hug
A heart is tied down like wood
How love drives one nuts.

If patience isn't necessary;
How can what is good manifest?
It is by a change of narrative that several dreams do come true
Not just to believe that miracle is likely to occur

The day I saw multiple blessing
It rain from morning to evening
Indeed there was joy among the living

In this hut many have lived for long
In murmur and mimicking ancient song

Numerous I've seen sponsoring war

In emptiness I once chose to be sold
In abandon of riches and glory
I disowned the house of gold
Reaching out the destitute for love

Dance not my child!
The heartbeat of Igede drum
For It is far from your perceived joy
Dance not to the elevation of its sound

The journey men embarked
and beckon to defeat
I've backed refusing sleep
Here you're mocked in the

When we do good;
We do not ask for a return
We do it for the sake of God
And the love we've got for all

Love isn't a dream where allusion is all we dwell
It is more than eyes can see
Strong feelings born out of
our being

Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Biography

Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss is an award winning Poet whose works have been featured in numerous Anthologies, he is a Pushcart nominee, Author of Philosophical quotes of wisdom, a former poetry teacher, Spoken word artiste, one whose love for poetry speaks volume right from high school. A gifted writer nature bestowed on humanity to rekindle souls. A social critic and a social media influencer from west Africa Ebonyi State to be precise. I am also a business oriented mogul, I run online poetry group with the aim of bringing poetry closer to the people Y.A.P.A & A.P.S Young African Poets Association & African Poets Summit all on Facebook. (List of my favorites classical poets: William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickson, Pablo Neruda, William Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Frost, Okot p'Bitek, Kofi Awoonor, Christopher Okigbo, Wole Soyinka, J.P.Clark, Lanre Peters, POC Umeh, Sola Owonibi.))

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I Fall In Love On A Lonely Day

I fall in love on a lonely day
When my motion is high on a race
When my heart is dried of life & a taste
Not just when am a friend to the grave
Bliss an end to the trouble I face
Willing to plough my worries away
Whenever dealt with emotional haze
Know the period its love I trace
I fall in love when am in need of a mate
A lap to put my head so I can rest
Not because of merry, or a haste
A plan to withstand the lonely days
I fall for love with friend that's insane
Whose feelings won't decrease on a day
Her thought running towards my vein
Someone who rears trust, truth and faith
I fall for love when my brain is running and awake
Not one that needs bags of promises to grant my request
Along the road when it no longer sweet but decay
Our wounds, misfortune won't be called to surface
I fall in love on a lonely day
For the sake of joy, bliss and a pet
To a woman who knows love not regret
So I can survive the future when my emotion upset.

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Ugo C Ugo 18 July 2020

Great quotes

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Bamidele 19 July 2020

Great foods for thought Sire EJO Keep it up.

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Udoeze Ukandu 23 July 2020

Great quotations sire

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Isaac Temple 23 July 2020

Great foods for thought

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Elvis James 23 July 2020

Good quotes dear poet

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Rosemary Igwe 23 July 2020

Inspirational quotes

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Hannah 19 July 2020

Your quotes are as good as your poems Sire.

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Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Quotes

Life is a funeral, you mourn a different problem today, Tomorrow another drop dead.

The success of every poet, lies in the taste of his words And wisdom in his pen.

Those who only write for the '''' LIKES & COMMENTARY '''' don't have the mind of poetry. they only write to impress and not to impart.

''Now all my time I've dedicated to pleasure and other things that glitter not thinking other ways to better my own self, am afraid when hunger comes knocking at my closed doors only to find out the windows of hardship I 've laid open''

Our living here on Earth is like without home till we make Heaven

If I am poor I made it to be so When once I am rich, I only choose to grow

When once I die, bury my body and leave my thought with men, those that are alive and still wallow in grave.

Keep my love when am no longer here, In my second world I will pronounce your name From my grave yard.

When once your thinking is low Your pocket will go dry And for your income to grow You need to apply a sane mind.

People who worries much of a better tomorrow, Risk the chance of getting the best out of today.

True happiness usually grows from the heart before spreading to the face.

Do good and forget the reward it will surely find you Home.

A better life is what we can only achieve through a better thought and a better action

Luck does not take us to the height of our destiny. Persistence and Hardwok does.

A Fight for Freedom is a fight that is not meant for the feeble mind neither for the ones that adore slavery

The reality of every dream is what that happens inside life

One who knows the right thing to do don't seek too many advice.

People who live a desired life don't think regret but something different.

No amount of advice can make you rich if you don't have plan for yourself.

People that put their eggs in different baskets know nothing about depression.

The best opportunity you can get in life is the one you create for yourself.

Those who want to be free don't disturb other peoples peace.

If a relationship is not in your favour it is better you quit else you die trying.

Its only in Africa we elect leaders with our eyes closed and expect them to perform magic.

Poverty is not everybody's sickness but for those that need the cure you need to have something doing.

Marriage isn't for everybody that's reason many prefer to be single mother.

''Life is not worth it when freedom is not given''

''People who fight for freedom don't just fight for themselves but for someone else''

''If love is something you can buy with money, go ahead and invest all you have on it also spend more fortune to create a reserve when once what you're in for is worth dying for.''

''Living with a poor mindset is more severe to not having the physical cash.''

''Not all love is from the heart especially the one with mental craze''

''Falling in love I've always found difficult not wasting my fund to train another man's wife in the name of friendship''

''Living without Christ simply means not knowing what life is penury and miseries we breathe.''

''Life of a poet I was called to live this more reason I insist they must live having been ordained from birth to be in position of their gods, with the ink I became the carrier of their cross.''

''My son if morals escape you in the house of God, find it in my poetry for its wisdom I've buried there.''

''You only think good to survive, even when doing good becomes a price.''

''Love is what that heal not hate, not war, not enmity among ourselves''

''Do not lend promises to people when you've got no valuables to fulfill it''

''I might not be rich as much as I hunt but I want to be free as much as I want''

''Love is never complete without a feedback and assurance from the heart you lay your bed''

''Your tomorrow will always be at risk if you're so carefree of today''

''My grievances I've always put into writing instead allow its furnace consume my own heart''

''If you know this love will not grow beyond the night, do not cultivate me in your heart''

''Feel free to proclaim my wrong doings in my presence, tell it to my face where I've not loved you better instead allow silence incarcerate the feelings I've got for you''

''A heart that is thirsty of love don't grow malice''

''Despite how bitter the truth is, it does not hurt the throat when said''

''Live your life in a more pleasant way so tomorrow you don't become a problem to us''

''If you don't speak up for good people will always pick up from you''

''Don't just put out your thought into writing always meditate on it to know if its a life worth living''

''That they don't like your writeup doesn't stop the impact''

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Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Popularity

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