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Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss is an award winning Poet whose works have been featured in numerous Anthologies, he is a Pushcart nominee, Author of Philosophical quotes of wisdom, a former poetry teacher, Spoken word artiste, BA(Hons) in creative arts, one whose love for poetry speaks volume right from high school. A gifted writer nature bestowed on h ...

Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Poems

If I Die Without A Heir

If I die without a heir;
History will be mad at me
For choosing the path so brief
Life would be unfair to me

I Fall In Love On A Lonely Day

I fall in love on a lonely day
When my motion is high on a race
When my heart is dried of life & a taste
Not just when am a friend to the grave

I Stopped For Death

I stopped for death
When she could not come to me
Begging she pronounce my name
Squeeze and ravage my entire home

Mother Earth Owes Man A Tomb

The Earth our hollow host
There's nothing to bank and boast
The Earth our hovering home
We are the apparitions, her ghost

When I Have Nobody But Me

When I have nobody but me
I 'd rather be real
Instead of being hopeless and still
Begging for alms I won't be fit

Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Quotes

24 June 2020

Life is a funeral, you mourn a different problem today, Tomorrow another drop dead.

24 June 2020

The success of every poet, lies in the taste of his words And wisdom in his pen.

24 June 2020

Those who only write for the '''' LIKES & COMMENTARY '''' don't have the mind of poetry. they only write to impress and not to impart.

24 June 2020

''Now all my time I've dedicated to pleasure and other things that glitter not thinking other ways to better my own self, am afraid when hunger comes knocking at my closed doors only to find out the windows of hardship I 've laid open''

24 June 2020

Our living here on Earth is like without home till we make Heaven

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Bamidele 19 July 2020

Great foods for thought Sire EJO Keep it up.

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Ugo C Ugo 18 July 2020

Great quotes

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Udoeze Ukandu 23 July 2020

Great quotations sire

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Isaac Temple 23 July 2020

Great foods for thought

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Elvis James 23 July 2020

Good quotes dear poet

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Rosemary Igwe 23 July 2020

Inspirational quotes

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Hannah 19 July 2020

Your quotes are as good as your poems Sire.

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