Clique Poem by Annie Janine


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I cry
they don't care
my former friends
in the clique
they've changed

left out
mom asks
how was school?
I lie
she wouldn't understand

the clique
i am not in
the girls
who ignore me
I want to crawl up in a corner and die

I know they laugh
at me
my style
my clothes
my hair
but not to my face

the parties
I'm not invited to
they talk about
right infront
of my nose

I want to scream
I need to talk
to somone
but I don't have anyone

the clique

Caroline Bulleck 23 July 2012

This poem is well written, you really have a talent. I was bullied throughout middle school and part of high school, so I can totally relate.

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Amanda Shields 17 November 2008

wow i loved was well written and the whole time i was reading it i was like 'wow that is completely me'.... great job

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River Someday 20 May 2008

I know that it is hard to get through the day like this. I loved this poem. Just keep your chin up and it will okay.

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Jenny Sar 12 May 2008

them peoples are just hating on you because you have something they want from you so they rather make-fun of u... just know that your better being myself your if they really wanted to b your friend they would be your friend well as for this just keep your head up

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Lacey Unknown 12 May 2008

I really love this poem. Cliques are the dumbest things on the face of this earth. They truly ruin girls' self images. Keep pushing through it and don't let anyone bring you down! ! ~Lacey~

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Annie Janine

Annie Janine

Brooklyn, New York
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