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Don'T - Poem by J.W. Frogg

Don't cry baby,
don’t be sad,
I’m not the monster you think I am.

Don't be sad baby,
I'm not the guy you thought I was one year ago,
just one short year ago,
the guy who opened doors, slighted bores and watched out for only you.

Don't cry baby,
I’m not the Monster you think I am,
I’m not the guy who ignores you when you speak,
who disillusions what you speak,
who seems distant when you are near,
who fantasizes when you’re not here.

Don’t be sad baby,
I can still be the savior you thought I was,
maybe better.

Don’t cry baby,
these times will fade,
make laughter,
or hopefully, scramble memories of what you think I am to be.

Don’t be sad baby,
there is plenty of good inside of me,
I can be what you think I am,
I can be the knight in shining armor.

Don’t worry baby,
this day will pass,
will seem like a forgotten nothing when I am through with you,
Maybe we will look back,
and laugh;
or maybe we will look back separately,
each with someone else,
look back like it was a nuisance, look back like it never existed; look back as if we never walked into each others arms…
...never going to see you again baby.

Don’t cry baby,
I'm not the guy who loathes your religious nothing, your commitment to something you blindingly believe in,
I'm not that guy.

Don’t fret baby,
don’t speak of truths you can't prove or believe,
don’t worry about this man you sleep with,
this empty box in the land of boxes unknown.

Don’t be sad baby,
don’t worry, I won’t leave you...
I’ll never let you grow,
or change,
never let you see what your life could be,
never let you experience life with the curtains open
and the light pouring in,
never let you find your good luck charm.

Don’t be sad baby,
I am not the man you think I am or the man you thought I was,
I will not be your bedtime story
or your nightmare;
I don’t have the determination or the moxy to survive in your fantasy world,
your perfect world,
your Christian World,
with only other believers and you.

Don’t worry baby,
I will not ruin you until I’ve had my fill...
my fill.

Don’t be sad baby,
this is as good as I get,
this is what you held out for,
I'm the best you can get,
the best your mom met,
I'm sure you’ll do what ever you feel is right,
as long as I'm what’s right…
as long as this is what is right.

Don’t cry baby,
I’m not the man you met,
I’m the man you’ll learn to regret.

Topic(s) of this poem: apology, love and life, marriage

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