Don'T Judge A Book By Its Cover Or A Student By Their Dress Poem by Nadalia Bagratuni

Don'T Judge A Book By Its Cover Or A Student By Their Dress

Rating: 3.1

There was once in skater
Who sat in the front of row number three,
He never once said much
I wouldn't ever classify him as a student as such,
He appeared much too carefree,

I can't really remember the first time I really saw him
for what he was,
He looked like a skater,

You know the type,
He had grungy grab on
And proudly wore his bad attitude,

The only time he talked was when he talked back at you.
You just didn't seem to reach him to,

You know, You can't tell what you saw in him,
Or what caused you to know,
But this man had a talented soul.

His talent was hidden,
Oh yes this is true,
But his talent was truly there
No matter if his hair was blue,

Over the course of two years,
I saw this young boy
Grow into a great man,

This is truly greatest gift of teaching
Is seeing the students that you are reaching

Get to such a lofy height.

I really can't remember wait I first saw,
The green hair or blue hair,
But now I so glad to report,
I see a young man who will succeed
He will go place I only wish I can!

I credit his success to a challange I once gave on
A test,
All I asked was, If you looked into a mirror would You like what you have become,
If the answer is no, then do something about it!

He did and now I wonder how many more
Will sit in that same row?

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