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Like My Grandmother's Chocolate Cheesecake

When you can not
See the forest through the trees,
And you can not run
Like Gump,
What does a person do,
When then they to,
Get really down in the dumps.

Do they really think that life is like
A box of chocolates?

No, let me sugest,
I'll put this rumor to rest!
I know something that is better than good,
It simply the best!

Speaking about what is good,
And my intention was that I could,
I remember that my mother told me I should.
I should always remember her mother because,

She said that her mother made the best...

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I Like Mine Flat

I can longer run around the block,
Everytime I think about HR,
I want is to look at the clock.

Please do not time me again,
It is the middle of April and they are looking for my gains,
Capital, gambling, it is all the same.
The Government is out to bust my chops,
Fot every single nickle that I got.