Don't Mis-Take My Mistake Poem by Anthony Loudin

Don't Mis-Take My Mistake

Rating: 2.5

Its hard making positive progress
in the process
My hearts stress
is starting to beat out of my chest
I'm a car wreck
only thing left is the mess
So much that I regret
Sitting back as reflect
on the choices that I've made
& if they played an effect
Why yes,
I've kept the memories,
In reality that only means
the pain has stayed with me,
Everywhere I go I seem angry,
I just can not believe... what you did
To much screwing around
is what ended our relationship,
Now I'm just founding out
you're actually pregnant with his kid...
I left to teach you something I knew,
I guess... we
both made choices
that only came back to F***... me
Yeah well, now its too late,
I have to face
upcoming days
with the mistakes
that I & you made,
Of course each day
I wake with the pain
of 3 or 4 straight blades
being forced & engraved
until it tore my rib cage
with no support of first aid,
The worst part is knowing things will never be the same
Its so insane
I can't explain
the actual pain
I've sustained
After all these dates
All this time was a waste
All the memories we've made
Millions just tossed in the drain,
I'm left with nothing
Except, your F***ing name.....
Everywhere I go I still see it
Every book I start reading
Do you even hear what I'm speaking?
The second I think
my feelings begin healing my heart stops beating
Check it bet its below freezing.
F*** it!
I'm done with repeatin...
This morning
I decided I'm leaving! !
I gotta get the hell out of this world.
Everydays a thunderstorm
All because of a W****
This isn't the life
I was planning before
I don't wanna be here anymore.....

Don't Mis-Take My Mistake
Saturday, December 28, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: relationship,suicide,alone,break up,cheating,hurt,lie,lonely,pain
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Anthony Loudin

Anthony Loudin

Fredericksburg, Virginia
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