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I've always felt
From all of the sh**
I've dealt with,

Its been years now...
Still not a day passes by
you don't cross my mind,
Its as if the more progress I make

Its hard making positive progress
in the process
My hearts stress
is starting to beat out of my chest

The things half of us need
are the things half of us take for granted,
The ones who have to work for it
& the ones who get it handed,

The bottom of this bottle 
has been my only friend.
A lonely man
alone again,

Real eyes
will realize
the real lies
that reel lines

Maybe it was your smile,
Maybe it was your eyes,
Maybe it was your laugh that gave me comfort inside.
Maybe it was your drive,



My time has come, and so i'm gone...
To a better place far beyond.
I love you, all as you can see.
But its better now because i'm free.

I been up,
Contemplating if i'm living right..
Wondering if Ima make it through the day & night.
Choices I made never shaped into a better life,

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Just a young kid with an old soul & a very small voice. I observe 1st, write my affections 2nd, & 3rd comes corrections for a lifetime of perfection. Its best when your lessons are digested in sections, not seconds. So open your eyes to different perspectives & when the day comes for you to be internally resting you won't be regretting, Say what you say with no second guessing, now your life we can view through mostly respecting & it proves to the few whos now controlling the message, the sounds that you make could lose you a bestfriend. Never forget, a voice becomes a threat when words are used as the weapon.)

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I've Always Felt Neglected

I've always felt
From all of the sh**
I've dealt with,
How could I except
your help with the
problems that I've sheltered,
From a kids height,
I Never forget about them nights,
Searching the house fordim lights
so I can pencil in my thoughts
of what's wrong & then write(right) ,
All that's missing,
I was alone & seeked attention
cause no soul ever seemed to listen
no one home to see my existence,
Now I roam inside these ink pens
Ive chose to speak through writtens
that leaks inside this composition,
Its my newest edition to
fuel my future into existence,
Abused into a ruthless kid,
From rude & truant into a student
with perfect attendance &
Been that way every day since

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Anthony Loudin Popularity

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