Dont Look Back

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dont look back,
at the memories that haunt,
the painful truth,
so dark and so gaunt
its time to look forward,
beyond the need and the want,
pretend u dont hear,
the jibe and the taunt,
words that were spoken
in anger and rage,
words whose effect
no one can gauge,
forget the bleak past,
look head with hope,
forget the despair,
you know you can cope,
forget the intentions to hurt and be cruel,
forget the fire he added to your fuel,
forget the tounge lashing,
more hurtful than a sword,
forget the provocations,
the desire to further goad,
gain strength from your suffering,
be silent and wise,
rise above being petty
and doing likewise,
break free from those shackles,
let your spirit fly free,
spread your wings and soar,
like a bird from a tree,
make a life of your own
you're a woman.more than strong,
use your oars against the tide
and God will help you along.

Roseann Shawiak 28 June 2014

A very honest portrayal of abuse and how not looking back helps strengthen and move you forward into better times, breaking the shackles that bind you. Memories may not be forgotten, but I still believe in instant forgiveness for wrongs done to me. Not wanting to hold onto the hurt, pain and anger abuse always causes, frees your spirit and you can soar into the life you create for yourself. Excellent poem, I love it! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Catastrophe King 01 August 2006

Arti.... That is very well expressed and I love it. I do have most of my poems based on memories, please do read them when you have the time. This work of yours is dedicated to one particular memory of yours but it is magnanimous in expressions.....10/10

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Melissa Broomhead 01 August 2006

i loved it but its harder to forget and let go of the past than many people think especially when memories play in your mind over and over again uncontrolably its hard to forgive and forget painful things but we can try -broomhead-

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Phumudzo Mapila 01 August 2006

I think 'dont look back' is a lovely poem and a lot of ladies can definately relate, well I know i do.A lot of us just cant seem to want to let go of the pain, we just dont want to cut lose that rope thats connecting us to that painfull past relationship and we just dont want to let go.I personally loved the part where it says 'you can cope' because we often think we cant if we let go but we can.

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