Heat & say it.
at the chock deer
Let her go.
Trade, the horse
heads, running wild,
in black-and-white

Swallow the crown
The crowned fair
Burn, clean light
The doubt
Once I loved the memories of the mirrors.
Twist on the faith -deep in the caves

Insane, they don't know,
Lips, and words, blind forget.
Like a tra- la- la song
I drifted & dust
Burn your eyes
Deep, tremble
Your sight

Death mess your mind,
afraid condensed, deep inside
It trumpets your feel.
Spit and stand,
Inside me juggle.

He was you,
The hungry lion,
hunted and buried.
Like Puppets tied at strings,
crawling, like tangled wings
where there is not stood.
I see you holding the scissors.
Cutting the strings,
Turn you apart

Curdle your lips.
Red sour kiss
Medicine incurable
Tied up on my bed
With you, my baby
Melt like thunder,
between storm and forms

Talk to the lord
The eyes are the place.
The moon high temple crystal closet
out of the ocean, on the highest mountain, deep on the sea
Cold, as hard, wishes pass by.
Treat me, try me, one more time.

Mason Maestro 29 September 2012

Hi Luca Good write - it's quite easy to read, not so laborsome. nice work. The last two lines capture it all. If you can, i'm trying to promote and get my work out there and known. I'm about to release my latest conceptual novelty and all twelve pieces are here on this site. They each cover 12 different areas in society that have been infiltrated by the powers that be. A few of them are; The Equation, (Big Banking) Orwellian Youth, (The Family Unit) Justis, (Law) and Each and Every Day (Food) .

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