-dream- Poem by Prabir Gayen


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Dreams are meant to be fulfilled,
No dream remains an orphan,
Dream shows the hidden need
of the mind or the Being too.

Dreams come as a light and
as a way to lead the life,
Dreams shows you what you are to be,
Your dream is your destination.

Dream has its music too,
Dream is the hidden song of your soul,
Dream itself becomes your soul,
Dream is your soulful chanson.

Dream is the Sun of Life,
Death of day and night nourishes It,
Every step of Life is sown with
the hope of brighter zone,
Everything is Nature is lulled with dream.

Dream nourishes Our life,
Nay; our whole existence is enveloped
with sweet tuneful Joy of Dream,
Dream is our outer covering underwhich
We are deeply enshrined,
Dream is our existence.

Dream is our restful relaxation,
Dreams relaxes our worn-out souls,
It brings essential rest under the world
Of hope and new light to tread on the road,
Dream makes the way for the traveller
who is supposed to lose his goal.

Dream creates the world,
The world of beauty and ideals,
No one is there to view the Ugly dream,
Dream is always beautiful and serene,
Dream comes as a soothing damsel of heart.

Mind projects and heart prospects,
Between the heart and the mind dreams
Come and intertwine the fleeting delight,
Dream is a thread to forward lead the inner self,
Dream come to fulfil the Journey of Life.

Many a time like the waves in the ocean,
Like the painstaking song of a lonely bird,
in the summer night,
Pours the timber of melodious heart,
and fill the empty sky with Joyous waves,
Like the gleaming moon in the dark night,
rains the slumberous stillness of the earth,
Dream comes as a flux of inspiration.

Without dream life has no meaning,
Dream brings the essence Of being alive,
Freshness of llife depends on the aliveness of dream,
Dream-filled eyes can create the music of Life,
Life is nothing but the dream in destination.

Down the ages civilization raises its summit,
The waves of gracious growth and scientific inventions reach the zenith of the Sky,
Down the ages the temple of Progress becomes the silence of the tomb,
Palaces become burial ground,
Still dream comes and new civilization is elevated with the sourceless source of dream and it's infinite elegance.

@prabir Gayen
7: 47 PM/ wed, Apr 28/ 2021.

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