Dream Brother Poem by ryan blood

Dream Brother

brother, your darkness
closes over me like an eyelid
and I am invited into
the hole your absence
tears into our mother's heart

brother, brought to me in a dream
you are the boy & the truth
that never was
and I am enticed by the
secrets hidden behind your lips

dream brother, your mouth,
wrought onto mine, spills
the secrets of your nonexistence
your life unlived;
how before my time
our mother wept at your bedside
clutching the sheets
where your body left no indention
where your mouth made no noise
except in my dreams
and in my mouth

dream brother, left-handed like half two twins -
Do you mirror my movements?
brother, you are not the light at the end of the tunnel
you are the darkness that fills it
you were the one torn out as sacrifice

brother, you are the potential energy
the David in a marble prism,
the destruction still bright
in our mother's eyes -
how she dreamed of the promise you were!
all soft and not yet definite

brother, you were a sculpture half-finished
a child ripped away, premature
and between each hope
there lies sterility
between each dream
I lie awake.

(march 08)

ryan blood

ryan blood

resident of tampa, fl
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