Barcoo Bitch

Dreaming On - Poem by Barcoo Bitch

I had a dream the other night
I got to make the laws
I'd wipe out corruption, cause I can prove just cause
Just cause, we've put up with their lies, there assaults and persecution
It's been going on for many years, Now it's time for retribution
For complacency its a labotamy
For corruption youll be hung
For assault you will be gutted
For lying lose your tongue
For persecution it's castration
and for torture lose your eyes
We're wiping out corruption it's the start of their demise
And So these were the laws I passed with great anticipations
I thought I was doing good for cleaning up the nation
When i looked across the land, there for all to see
Cops and politicians hung from all most every tree
I took a closer look and it was very clear to me
They were corrupt mindless idiots,
They had no eyes to see
They were muted they were nuetered and it could not be disputed
They could not be defended as their corruption never ended
All of them were guilty and they all deserved to die
Mutilated they just hung there, they were all dead as nits
Then someone dropped a bomb on them and blew them all to bits
Now hades he is satisfied, I'm satisfied as well
Knowing the corrupt bastards will burn again in hell and when I made it down there
I took with me a gun and I shot the bloody bastards one by one by one
Cause I believed this punishment is what they all deserved
And today i only have one thing to say
Finally justice has been served
When I awaken from my dream
I found I was smiling then
I wanted to go back to sleep
So I could dream again

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