Dreamland Of Shadows - Poem by RAJ NANDY


Once I dreamt of a world which lay way beyond,
Inhabited by only shadows, of us human folks!
And when I recall my dream now, it appears like
a joke!

My dream world had shadows of various shapes
and size,
And they looked simple enough, without any
They were all weightless and of uniform colour
And moved about all the time, with nothing
much to do!
For whenever someone on planet earth, did finally
His shadow got transported there, escaping both
burial and fire!
It was an insubstantial world, like the world of
our dreams,
But free from all hassels of life, a world which
was always clean!
There was no overcrowding there, no hungry
mouths to feed,
Without the need for agriculture, or political
leaders to lead!
The shadows could walk through each other,
In their ever transparent forms;
With no need for elections, or to carry out
A peaceful world where all hatred and violence
was shunned and disowened;
The shadows remained happy there, and could
never beget their own!
And when the billion stars above, showered
their celestial light,
Those shadows held hands and danced together,
with steps tender and light!
It was like a silhouette pagent, a truly grand
When some shadows hugged together, and
others leaped up in joy,
While a few shadows stayed close to the ground,
looking rather coy!
And finally when they all grew tired, and could
no longer jive or jerk,
They all slowly sank and melted away and got
lost in the dark!

-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
27 Mar 08

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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