Dreams Are Water Bubbles Poem by Trailakya Roy

Dreams Are Water Bubbles

Met her in the college, eye to eye
Fixed for a moment, no hello or hi.
Liked her dark eyes- the only thing,
Instantly made her Queen, me the King.
Still couldn't talk to her, queen too far,
Because I knew, love alone cannot conquer,
The moon though she gives you delight,
Knowledge can perhaps if you have a right.

We gathered all in rows, three or four,
As three years jumped out of the door.
To have a memory in wall's frame,
To say and to show, here we came.
She was with me in the same line,
Dressed in silk-pure, new and fine.
'Smile'- he said to all as did balance,
Upon her face I cast my glance,
To see a smile in her bright face,
Perhaps the last, in life's long race.

I could still remember the day,
She was in her best, lovely and gay,
And sad when she talked to her mate,
I wanted to have a word, but was late.
Clouds were dark, soon started the rain,
She dispersed in crowd, never came again.
Days passed, months passed, passed few years,
Lived with her memories, rubbing my tears.
Made busy myself with my boys,
Fading was her face amid their noise.
Still I lived in a world, full of dreams,
Like water bubbles flowing in streams.

Met her again when I was a guest,
In a marriage party, meantime of rest.
Greeted me, taking my hand upon her,
Thought the very moment, dream is not far,
The next moment I fell from the fairy land,
She smiled and introduced to her husband.
There I talked to her the very first time,
Dreams are water bubbles - transient and fine.

Dreams Are Water Bubbles
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Kumarmani Mahakul 18 October 2016

Days passed, months passed, passed few years, Lived with her memories, rubbing my tears... Fantastic depiction. A beautiful love poem with thrilling expression. Many thanks dear Trailakya, keep the ball rolling....10

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Trailakya Roy 18 October 2016

Thanks Sir for reading my poem. It really inspires me when a poet like you read my lines. Thanks again.

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Trailakya Roy

Trailakya Roy

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
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