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As drops of rain to the dried seeds
So the ink of your mighty pen
Passed through the infertile hearts
Across the world of countless men

ঘুরছিলাম মেঘের মতন
যা উপত্যকা ও পাহাড়ে ভাসে,
ঠিক তক্ষুনি দেখি
সোনালি ড্যাফোডিলের ভীড়, পাশে।

Met her in the college, eye to eye
Fixed for a moment, no hello or hi.
Liked her dark eyes- the only thing,
Instantly made her Queen, me the King.

He is 24 years,
Trailakya is his name
Lives in a remote village,
Without any fame.

Long long ago there was a king,
Greatest of the Scotts- all they sing.
Became a king killing John,
But failed twice against Briton.

Hail, Devi Durga- Mother of all,
So, at last you respond to our call.
Breeze is there, catkin swings,
Clouds move slowly with their wings.

The other day I saw a lass,
Sending All Arabia, as I pass.
Decided not to look at her face,
So I increased my walking pace.

Silently I sat looking at the west,
Searching the open sky to meet my quest.
What I saw above - a largle bowl,
Covered me all around, gave a howl.

There was a peasant, very poor,
He used to work, door to door.
One day he went to a market,
There he bought a hen at low rate.

I will be with you
If you can share,
Taking your soft hands
With utmost care.

An evening with mind in fairy lands,
I sat on a river bank watching the sands,
Above my head the moon was yet to be full,
Glow worms piercing the dark, breeze was cool.

Trailakya Roy Biography

I am not a poet. I just try to put down my random thoughts into rhythm. Besides I have not full fluency in English as it is not my mother tongue. There might be some errors within the words. If you would like to join me in social networks, find me at Instagram/trailakyar)

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River - A Haiku

River runs always
On its own way, curved or straight
Whether light or dark.

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To love and to live is to win.

It is as easy to say as hard to do.

দেশে জন্মিলেই নাগরিক হওয়া যায়না, দেশের প্রতি ভালবাসা আর দায়িত্ববোধ না থাকিলে নাগরিক বলা যায় না।

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Trailakya Roy Popularity

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