Drones Fly Children Die- Poem by zaheer uddin

Drones Fly Children Die-

I am a little girl who loves
to watch the little lambs at play
to smell the fragrance of the flowers
and jump and roll upon the grass

I had a lot of friends my age
a game of hide and seek we'd play
they'd hide behind that giant rock
and one by one i'd search them out-

This time around I've looked for them
in every place they'd hide
I've called their names a thousand times
to only hear my cry- -

I long to see my mom and Dad
who have'nt seen me in a while
my grandma says they're watching me
they're in a fairy land - - -

I wait for them all day and night
to bring me food and toys
I have no shoes to walk around
my clothes have holes in them- - -

I'm scared to venture out and play
I'm scared to sleep and dream

Why cant i have my dolls and dreams
Why must i live in fear- -

I'm sure you love your kids back home
who run to you for warmth and love
who love to cuddle in your arms
the ones you whirl around - -

Please take these words to kids you see
in parks and schools you have back home
i hope they all would understand
and knock a little sense in them
to stop this scary game they play
it frightens me no end- - -

i am a little child who loves
to skip and dance and play

By zaheer

2015 zaheer (All rights reserved)

Monday, April 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: insight
Kelly Kurt 20 April 2015

Children are the same all over the world. Innocent, sweet and deserving of a happy, safe, loving and nurturing environment. I pray for peace and the well being of the children, who will one day lead this one planet. Thank you for sharing, Zaheer Peace

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Zaheer Uddin 21 April 2015

Thanks Kelly- really appreciate it- - yes kids are the same all over- - white, black or brown they're all ours and yes they're the ones who would lead this planet

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