How Can I Say Good Bye Poem by zaheer uddin

How Can I Say Good Bye

Words are hard to come
the heart is numb with pain
tears are all that i have
to offer you mom-

Been two years since you passed away
still have'nt been able to say goodbye-
You never woke up
despite all our pleas
you wanted to rest in peace
sleep on my sleeping beauty
sleep on some more
you've served your term and more- -
how should i let go
how should i say good bye- -
we meet in dreams i know
but i need to touch you
kiss you one last time
to say how much i love you mom- -

magical hands would cook, clean and sew
and still have the time- -
to teach us to read and write
to multiply and divide- -
to mend our broken toys
to heal our hearts and wounds
and share our woes and joys- -

one by one
we all left the nest
never knowing how
when and where-
the years went away-

And here i stand with broken wings
with tear drops at your grave
trying to fly- -
trying to say good bye- -

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dedication
Kelly Kurt 19 April 2015

A beautiful poem, Zaheer. Do not say goodbye, rather, see you soon. Peace

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Zaheer Uddin 20 April 2015

thanks kelly ur words mean a lot to me

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