Dusting Dreams Of My Shelf Poem by Kondwani Simwaba

Dusting Dreams Of My Shelf

Dusting Dreams off my shelf
I've been thinking! Pensively about hanging up this mic; breaking the stem of my pen, so it could bleed ink one last time as I lose the ball at its nib just so it cannot point on pages anymore.
I've been thinking! Contemplating about my imminent divorce from the Arts; you see my first love and I haven't really been on speaking terms ergo our marriage has broken down irretrievably, guess I gotta go.
I've been thinking! Brooding over my Anhedonia; see I find myself at a stage in life where stages act like cages, restraining my wages; abashed by the little recognition I get from fellow sages.
I've been thinking! Retrospectively about who I was before the who I have since become; these never-ending exigencies need a constant income, in some, this is not an issue but we have different outcomes; to drop this mic or watch as it becomes that which I always dreamt it to become but nobody ever reads these pages.
I've been thinking! Earnestly wondering if these words etch in people's hearts or tis' but Art to them and they have anundying confidence in my penmanship; or, am I just in a sunken place from whence I need to get out, like Daniel and the den of Lions or maybe my time with this Art is at an end and I am just in denial.
I've been thinking! Optimistically because despite this never-ending melancholia, no one ever really forgets their first love; so note to self, maybe this is not retirement just a hiatus to when I'll return to dusting dreams off my shelf again.

Dusting Dreams Of My Shelf
Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,love and art
Deluke Muwanigwa 02 August 2020

Lovely stuff. I felt your anguish and agony. Hopefully you stayed with muse

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Yoonoos Peerbocus 21 July 2020

no one really ever forgets their first love.......deep ideas woven fine ti give thought

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