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Profession: Education Officer
Education: BA Hons 'English Lit' [London]
BA Hons 'International Relations'
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A Hint At What Is Beautiful?
Beautiful is the 'thank you'
Wrapped with gratitude,
Offered to peace prone people
Who offer what is real-themselves
A Baby's View Of
I came as tomorrow
Swaddled in unawareness
To your warm womb
A Blind Beggar
Eye sockets mere bruises
Alike to closed fists
Save whole being tangled
In his last rags
A Child's Reflection
Made homeless from home
Bombed city where though many
Extend an armless arm, find it harder
To hold peace than explosives
A Dream
Each night, earth life suspended,
Without asking where you are going
Or who you are, you experience
As if life dreams of itself,
Popular Quotes
18 February 2018
As great as head may be, it is what it is; it can err in its choice as heart.both must sometimes even rule themselves.
18 February 2018
Life being too short and love time still shorter, we ought to squander not a wink in tearing each other wolf-like for a handful of dust of which we are owner only on paper.
18 February 2018
When a child's sprouting heart and head are sowed with the seeds of quality patience and absolute honesty, prison has no raison d'etre.
18 February 2018
Honesty that makes itself thoroughly agreeable by itself, is the genuine mirror for all forms to look into, to promote their course of lives accordingly.
18 February 2018
The task appears much more difficult to lure back my elusive mind to me and to the loveliness of the tasselled bowers than to subjugate the weakness and wickedness of my heart.


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Berlyn Estimada 08 June 2020
Your poems are amazing!
2 0 Reply
Akhtar Jawad 03 June 2020
Younus Peebocus, no doubt in it, isne of the greatest member poet at PH.
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Roxanne Dubarry 19 March 2020
I LOVED your poem about Mother Earth. Thankyou for sharing it with us.
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Roxanne Dubarry 10 March 2020
I really enjoy reading your heartwarming poems. You are a very talented and gifted poet.
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sdvsdvs 27 January 2020
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Benjamin Uy 09 June 2019
Mature wisdom great poet yoonoos peerbocucus, great job well done, Many poems suggest deep knowledge
2 0 Reply
Kyvin Nash 11 May 2019
My favorite poet on poem hunter, man you can write, great mind!
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Mahtab Bangalee 12 February 2019
yoonoos peerbocus one of the great poet of this site
3 1 Reply
Akhtar Jawad 07 February 2019
yoonoos peerbocus, He keenly watches the environment in that he lives, he notices its beauty and ugliness both, he feels both, and then he gives words to his feelings. His poems should not only be read, his poems should be felt.
3 2 Reply
Aniruddha Pathak 11 January 2019
'The best poem is life itself'. Wow, I can't agree more. No one would, I think. I read this from your profile and felt like reading your poems, which I will do shortly.
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M Asim Nehal 01 January 2019
Mr. Yoonoos is one of the finest poet I have come across on PH, his poems are thoughts for the soul, I wish to see more poems from him, May Almighty bless you with pink of health and may your pen keep writing outstanding poems. Stay Blessed.
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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 29 December 2018
Yoonoos Peerbocus is one of the finest poets that i have come across in Poem Hunter. He writes with eloquence and such subtlety that he is able to charm the readers with his fine expressions. A hint beautiful is a classic poem. All the poems have a rarity that spells charm. I wish you dear Yoonoos, a life full of abundance of love and beauty.
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Me Poet Yeps Poet 05 September 2017
Oh Gardner Poet Your poetry is like sugar Lives on autumn leaves no need to crush them for the sweet fragrance you are a poet of class indeed in the list of best 500 poems when will we achieve or attain such a moment of holding hands in the garden of roses where I hope to be one saught after by everyone a blue bird of narcissism an egoist poet off the cuff in the desert none yet knew but my what a poet are you but why only 25 poems I have inked many a thousands many read a non poet me you are an eagle flying okay soaring come abide with me I am a poet of style free a Niagara I may one day be till that happens can we meet across the Internet at least You are a POET TREE I'd like to bask in the shadow of thee will you let me O poet gracious how much indebted I shall be to all those thereafter read me You would I suppose...
3 0 Reply
Ruta Mohapatra 05 September 2017
Liked Á child's Reflection' better than the 'Gardener'. Very touching. Very true about this world full of conflict.
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Roxanne Dubarry 03 August 2017
I read your poem, A Hint of what Is Beautiful. Nurses attending the needs of the wounded is beautiful. You are right about the condition of the world today. We do have an option. Why not pray to God?
1 1 Reply
Christina Simmons 21 July 2017
It's the way you tell 'em. Definitely have the knack!
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Sayyeda Insha Rani 17 July 2017
Sir plz check my poem on this site and find my mistakes.
1 0 Reply
Bri Edwards 10 June 2017
actually i believe it is POEMHUNTER'S ERROR. it seems they have put butterfly comments on this page for comments about the author!
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