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See no one knew where it all came from or how it all started,
No one knew what to do about it or to what extent it would go;
No one knew what it was;

My Queen

My Queen
I met her somewhere in the stars, between the constellations of Aries and Orion's Bow; beaming with exuberance, her smile, quite like the Crescent moon in Winter's fall; Glistening with radiance, her eyes, glittering vehemently at Summer's light pour; her heart, warmer than summer yet she remained composed her poise, cooler than ice in Winter's snow; her voice, so Angelic you'd think the heavenly choir sung at her utterance of any words; her body shaped beautifully,a galaxy of enamour she belonged in the heavens because her celestial demeanor was as inexplicable as the science of the big bang theory; but she attracted me like the Bermuda triangle and 'tis for this gravitational pull that I fell for her and she became the order to my chaos, My Queen...

Gentle Breeze

Respect Our Women

Respect our women
I hear them cry; tears forming lakes of sorrow, it's still amazing how these men don't ever drown in them; I can see their fears; another woman is talking about rape, afraid of walking alone; I swear it's way beyond the subject of dress code the way inside these perverts wanna peer; but then again, is it really?
Tell me, don't you feel guilty; the way every man's name has now been dragged through the mud because of your actions? Do you ever just sit and ponder what your words might have done to these women; steady breaking their hearts, I swear such actions can never be divine, we need to coach these lads to respect our women more; substitute the woman hurting and envision your mother in that same position you place them and tell me, does it turn you on now? When these women all turn feminist and launch campaigns calling all men trash because of your garbageā€¦
I hear them scream; their voices hitting the high notes, never safe despite their clothes having tight knots; I can feel their pain; blood oozing profusely from their eyes, nothing but sodium chloride in the pores of their skins; hearts palpitating uncontrollably at the grotesque thought of you actions, can I apologize for these men?

Who Then, Should Define Love?

Almost everyone can define love based on Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians; but who really can say they fully fathom such a complex topic?
If I do speak for myself; then I reckon everyone is but a professional on matters of love, because love is but a proponent of time and time breeds experience and thus everyone has their own experiences.
Or could it be that which the early philosophers said to the Athenians; or that, that message still lives with us to this day except with time we've all become myopic?

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