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See no one knew where it all came from or how it all started,
No one knew what to do about it or to what extent it would go;
No one knew what it was;
But see we were told that scientists were gathered from around the world to brainstorm,
While globally thousands of lives were departed;
Over a hundred years later since the Spanish flu claimed Millions of lives.
Some say it was sent by God to punish us for our wickedness like Sodom & Gomorra;
While others say that it started from a lab in 2019 hence the name Covid19,
Interestingly though, in 2011 a movie about it was made in the same form;
Contagion was the name and its plot left all disheartened,
The fear from all was that, would there be any hope at all;
Or was this it, humanity's grandest fall?
See, all I know is that; whatever it was, whoever brought it,
Wherever it came from or whatever purpose it came for;
It failed, and humanity prevailed,
Because nothing could break us if we stood as one…
#IstandwithCovid19Victims #WashYourHandsRegularly
#KeepCleanAtAllTimes #AvoidShakingHands
#PrayForOneAnother #PrayForTheWorld

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Kondwani Simwaba Popularity

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