Dysfunctional Poem by Doctor Dashaun Snipes


Rating: 5.0

In the world of chaos and noise
Lurks a battle between girls and boys
Sibling rivals, oh what a sight
But wait, let me shed some light
For dysfunction and malfunction
Can also be seen in a different junction
Amongst peers who put up a fight
And a slow network that just won't ignite
Both can cause frustration and delay
But in different ways they display
For while siblings may scream and shout
Peers may silently pout
But in the end, they both compete
For attention and to feel complete
Dysfunction and malfunction within
But outside, they wear a different skin
The same goes for a network slow
Like a sibling rival, it puts on a show
Loading and buffering at its own pace
But never failing to leave a trace
Of annoyance and irritation
Just like a rivalry in a family nation
But as time goes by, they both learn
To coexist and take their turn
For in dysfunction and malfunction
Lies a lesson in resiliency junction
And though they may cause a stir
They make us stronger, that's for sure
So let the sibling rivals fight
And the network take its time to ignite
For in the end, we'll all survive
And maybe even thrive
For in a world of dysfunction
We find a way to function
And in the midst of malfunction
We still find a way to make our own junction.

Authorship by Dr. Dashaun Snipes
©Dr. Dashaun Snipes
® Dysfunctional

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