Panic Room Poem by Doctor Dashaun Snipes

Panic Room

Rating: 5.0

In the depths of my mind, a room resides,
A sanctuary of chaos, where panic hides,
A place of refuge, yet a prison too,
This is the tale of my Panic Room.

Within these walls, anxiety takes hold,
A relentless storm, fierce and bold,
Thoughts collide, like thunder and rain,
Echoing through the chambers of my brain.

The Panic Room, a labyrinth of fear,
Where shadows dance and nightmares leer,
Every step I take, the walls close in,
Trapped in this maze, where panic begins.

The air is heavy, suffocating my breath,
As panic's grip tightens, leading to my death,
Heart racing, pulse pounding, a deafening sound,
In this room of panic, I am forever bound.

The walls are adorned with memories of dread,
Visions of past traumas, haunting threads,
Each corner holds a ghost, a lingering pain,
A constant reminder of my mind's terrain.

In this room, time stands still,
As panic's grip tightens, an iron will,
I search for an exit, a way to escape,
But the Panic Room holds me in its shape.

The windows are barred, the doors locked tight,
No solace, no respite, only endless night,
The darkness consumes, swallowing my hope,
In this room of panic, I struggle to cope.

But amidst the chaos, a flicker of light,
A glimmer of hope, breaking through the night,
A voice whispers softly, 'You are not alone,
Find strength within, and make this room your own.'

With trembling hands, I reach deep inside,
Unveiling courage, I can no longer hide,
I face the demons, the shadows that loom,
Determined to break free from this Panic Room.

I confront the memories, the fears that bind,
Unraveling the threads that tangle my mind,
With each step forward, the walls start to fade,
As I reclaim the power that panic once made.

In the midst of the storm, I find my voice,
A battle cry that echoes, a powerful choice,
I refuse to be defined by this room of despair,
I will rise above, and breathe in the air.

Slowly, the panic subsides, losing its grip,
As I reclaim my strength, my spirit takes a trip,
From the confines of the Panic Room's embrace,
I emerge, reborn, with newfound grace.

No longer a prisoner, no longer confined,
I break free from the panic that once defined,
For within me lies the power to heal,
To transform the Panic Room into something real.

And so, I step out into the world anew,
With scars as reminders of what I've been through,
But I carry resilience, a flame that burns bright,
A testament to the strength found in the fight.

The Panic Room may always be a part of me,
But I refuse to let it dictate what I can be,
For in the depths of my mind, I've found the key,
To unlock the doors and set myself free.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
® Panic Room

Jayne Louise Davies 17 April 2024

A well deserved Member poem of the day! Top marks*****

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Femi Ogunlude 17 April 2024

This graphically resonates with me. Cloudy at first and sunny at last. A beautifully written poem.

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Mervyn Graham 17 April 2024

I have a friend who would benefit from reading this... I will copy and send it to him but giving your the rights of course

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Mervyn Graham 17 April 2024

Fantastic writing on a very hard subject to discuss, it's becoming more open now these days but still a long way to go.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 17 April 2024

The title reminds me of a movie with Jody Foster in the leading role.Your poem is well rhymed and very happy to read that you have found the key to set yourself free.

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D.N. Rebb 17 April 2024

I believe everyone has their own Panic Room. The ones who chose to use it as shelter promptly discover their weaknesses and fears. This perfect poem deserves POD. So well written. Congrats

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