Doctor Dashaun Snipes Poems

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Panic Room

In the depths of my mind, a room resides,
A sanctuary of chaos, where panic hides,
A place of refuge, yet a prison too,
This is the tale of my Panic Room.

Even In Death

In the stillness of the night, where shadows linger,
A whisper of a soul, a memory that lingers,
In the realm between life and the unknown,
A tale of love and loss, of seeds that were sown.


In the depths of my being lies a hole,
A void that echoes of despair and pain,
A cavity where loneliness takes its toll,
A wound where love fails to sustain.

Melodies Of Loss

Somewhere; somehow
I'm bound to find you in a hidden place.
My name is Death.
I come bearing burned offerings.


In the depths of a fragmented mind,
A labyrinth of thoughts and realities unwind.
Psychoschizophrenia, a delicate dance,
A divergent path from the norm's expanse.


Look at me.

I have never been so thin.

Red Hot

When I was a teenager spirit grazing in the high grass, I was taught that I was less than anyone on earth not just because I was black.

Because I was always a praying spirit, it made the embodied jury around me angry, it made everyone want to retaliate out misunderstanding.

I Don't Think Of You

It's been over two decades since I first met you.

Even longer since I even bothered to get your name and number.


Alone in the darkness, I shiver and shake
The cold seeps into my bones, making me ache
I feel so uncomfortable, so out of place
Lost in the shadows, with no familiar face

Weight Of The World

In the depths of darkness, I bear the weight of the world,
A burden heavy on my soul, to the void it swirls,
The question lingers in the air, a haunting melody unfurled,
'If you love me, you will let go of me, ' the words hurl.

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