Kashmir Poem by Doctor Dashaun Snipes


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In the valley of beauty, where mountains touch the sky,
Lies a land of enchantment, where dreams come alive,
Kashmir, a paradise on earth, a jewel so rare,
With its lush green meadows and crisp mountain air.

The Dal Lake shimmers in the morning light,
Reflecting the snow-capped peaks so bright,
Shikaras glide across the water, a vision divine,
As the sun rises over the horizon, a golden line.

The chinar trees stand tall, with leaves ablaze,
In hues of red and gold, a majestic maze,
The saffron fields bloom, a sea of gold,
The fragrance of blossoms, a story untold.

In the meadows of Gulmarg, where wildflowers bloom,
A carpet of colors, dispelling all gloom,
The sound of laughter, the tinkling of bells,
As ponies trot by, in the highland dells.

The sound of the shehnai fills the air,
As the Sufi music drifts, a soulful prayer,
In the ancient shrines, where devotees bow,
To seek solace and peace, in the here and now.

The Mughal gardens, a testament to love,
With terraced lawns and fountains above,
The fragrance of roses, a symphony of scent,
As lovers stroll by, their hearts content.

The Pahalgam valley, where rivers flow,
A haven of peace, where time moves slow,
The pine forests whisper, a lullaby sweet,
As the snow-capped peaks, the valley greet.

The sound of the rabaab, a melody profound,
Echoes through the valley, a haunting sound,
As the Sufi poets sing of love and pain,
In voices so pure, like a gentle rain.

The Wular Lake, a mirror of the sky,
Where fishermen ply, their boats passing by,
The lotus blooms, a symbol of purity,
In the still waters, a reflection of eternity.

The Srinagar bazaars, a riot of colors,
With spices and silks, a feast for the senses,
The aroma of kebabs, a tantalizing scent,
As the traders haggle, in merriment.

The Himalayan range, a fortress so grand,
With peaks that soar, to the heavens they stand,
The glaciers glisten, like diamonds in the sun,
A reminder of nature's power, of battles won.

The Amarnath cave, a place of devotion,
Where pilgrims trek, with hearts full of emotion,
To seek the blessings, of Lord Shiva's grace,
In the icy depths, of this sacred place.

The Pari Mahal, a palace in the sky,
Where legends abound, of love and high,
The gardens terraced, in a symphony of green,
A place of serenity, a timeless scene.

The Chashme Shahi, a spring so pure,
Where waters flow, with a healing cure,
The Mughal emperors, sought its grace,
To find peace and solace, in this sacred place.

Kashmir, a land of contrasts, of beauty and strife,
Where nature's bounty, meets the human life,
A paradise on earth, a jewel so rare,
With its valleys and meadows, beyond compare.

The people of Kashmir, with hearts so kind,
Their hospitality, a treasure to find,
In their eyes, the wisdom of ages past,
In their smiles, a warmth that will last.

Though the valley may be torn by conflict and pain,
The spirit of Kashmir, will forever remain,
In the hearts of its people, in the land they love,
In the beauty of Kashmir, like the stars above.

So let us cherish this land, this paradise on earth,
And celebrate its beauty, for all it's worth,
For Kashmir is a gem, in a world so vast,
A treasure to be cherished, until the last.

Authorship by Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
® Kashmir

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