Education Brings Humility. Poem by Sando Hussam

Education Brings Humility.

Rating: 3.0

Few Indian poets are humble because they are wise
while some so called educated ones not understand
what humility is.

Despite the fact that India is a great nation with many saints, scientists, engineers, and architects who have distinguished themselves and their nation, certain poets on the PH forum have no regard for humility.

Should you like to view the proof
I just read my POTD for May 10,2022.
Read the poem for yourself and decide for yourself what is incorrect. It contains satire that was accurate.
Even though I reside in a different region,
I was raised in a way that prevents me from doing character assassination against others. One Indian took it personally for reasons that are best known to him and made a mountain out of a mole.

I refrain from writing the names except on few
occasion where I thought one should know the identity
Well, it is for you all to gauge.

Nobody, except few have the guts to read and comment
on my poem (POTD) yesterday, because of trolling
I am sorry that many names were called in troll
my sincere apology to those who read and commented
They became part of the troll.
God bless all.

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