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They keep visiting my grave
and I know who they are
A father, A son and his whole family
They lay their ploy

I smell a fish on Poem Hunter site
A poet invited me to read his poems
When I visited his suggested page
I was shocked and astonished

This world is full of hypocrites
They thrive on others to respond
They like praise to fly on
Only God knows what they want.

Believe me, it is no joke,
Not an easy task, as you may think.
To see things critically,
requires, patience, dedication

Frogs are out to make noice
As the rainy season appears
Leaders make beeline to please
And make false promises.

Eleven days more
then year will go
under the pages
leaving behind

He is still writing nonsense poems
Just to gain points
and remain on top
God knows why

A busy street - Life Is
A Silent mourning - Death Is
An Account - Resurrection
A Reward - Good Deeds

Now you are among top 500
It is time to celebrate
But fool does the celebrations
Wise are they who enjoy

From the most powerful nations
To the weaker and developing nations
All heads are ruthless politicians
They do what makes them famous

I stare at sky my eyes returns barren
I stare at the sea, waves stop my vision
I stare at vast dunes, all mirage no reality
When I look inside my heart I see a mirror of love.

Come,visit to my page
rate all my poems as below average
Take out your hidden rage
I will be your great punching bag

False praisers are flesh eaters,
They roam freely on the wings of ego,
they look for easy prey
which are in plenty.

You write for their betterment
And they keep deleting your comments
You write Goody Goody they will appreciate
How Cowards are they to do such things?

List is long and they all know along
What they do is, keep their eyes close
What they forget is GOD is watching all
Come on have some courage

The Best Poem Of S H

Who They Are - I Am A Ghost

They keep visiting my grave
and I know who they are
A father, A son and his whole family
They lay their ploy
but I am a ghost
The more they will visit
The more they will go mad.
From now onwards
this ghost will play the tricks
ruin their live
till they surrender to misdeeds
Kill yourselves
still you will meet me

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