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They keep visiting my grave
and I know who they are
A father, A son and his whole family
They lay their ploy

These plump lips require soft embraces to wrap around.
They possess a seductive quality
that can captivate anyone temporarily.
they are not lips that can be easily tamed.

A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel,
a bad monkey is dangerous for the group,
for they can cause chaos and peril,
and leave everyone in a state of troupe,

Dirty mind will remain dirty
No degree or body of knowledge can alter it;
serious attitude change is required.
The two monkeys cannot reverse somersaults.

Our neighbours love to spy on us,
peeping through their windows without fuss,
all eyes on our daily activities,
as they try to solve their own perplexities.

I float in air, but don't be scared,
my wisdom is beyond compare,
no need for glasses, eyes can't see,
my knowledge fills the void, you'll see,

Are ghosts devil's advocate, a question we must ponder,
do they instigate, or do they defend with honor?
some say they haunt and terrorize, to scare us all away,
but maybe they're just misunderstood, with something to convey,

A poet never harbours animosity against anyone.
similar to salt, which, despite tasting unpleasant,
dissolves in water.
Like sugar, which, despite tasting sweet,

It is within the reach
be it rich, be a poor
free for all, easy access
No lock and keys

As the sun sets and darkness falls,
Our true identity fades, it calls
A twisted image, we perceive
With avarice, we begin to grieve

I refuse to obey his every order,
To me, he is a deceiver and a pretender
Although my ancestors followed him
When I questioned their rationale

Trust me, it's not a laughing matter,
It's not as simple as it may seem.
To analyze things with a critical eye,
It demands patience, commitment, effort and persistence.

A busy street - Life Is
A Silent mourning - Death Is
An Account - Resurrection
A Reward - Good Deeds

Political desire, an art so sharp,
for the politicians, it's a harp,
played with words, jokes and wit,
sometimes it stings, but that's a pit.

Oh, you think life is all about reaching the top
At what ever cost it takes?
You are in a battle field and you need to win
While all are your enemies!

My mind, once sharp and clear,
Is now clouded with doubt and fear.
It used to be a powerful tool,
But now it feels like an old, worn-out mule.

urge of the body
nerves ignites the sensation
touch by the dry lips

When concerns gather round my tired mind,
circles of ghostly life, so serene and still,
Haunting the very essence of the night,
Fear no truth, nor do they feel the chill,

At night when you're all alone,
beware the Sea Ghosts that have grown.
You might think you're safe and sound,
till their creepy presence is found.

This world is full of hypocrites
They thrive on others to respond
They like praise to fly on
Only God knows what they want.

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Who They Are - I Am A Ghost

They keep visiting my grave
and I know who they are
A father, A son and his whole family
They lay their ploy
but I am a ghost
The more they will visit
The more they will go mad.
From now onwards
this ghost will play the tricks
ruin their live
till they surrender to misdeeds
Kill yourselves
still you will meet me

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Sando Hussam Popularity

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