Our Neighbours Love To Spy On Us Poem by Sando Hussam

Our Neighbours Love To Spy On Us

Rating: 5.0

Our neighbours love to spy on us,
peeping through their windows without fuss,
all eyes on our daily activities,
as they try to solve their own perplexities.
some may say they're spying on us,
but maybe they just want to copy us,
our arguments may make us Angry Birds,
ready to bump heads without any words.

But our neighbours seem to enjoy our fights,
maybe it's their secret guilty delights,
watching us in hot conversations,
motivates them to take some actions.

Oh, let them watch and let them see,
our drama is their favorite reality TV,
we'll keep living our lives with a flair,
as long as they're not peeping -
while we're in our underwear.

Monday, June 19, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: neighbors,humour
Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

Damn, I hope I did NOT SEND something which I didn't mean to send to you. I neglected to copy my comment before pastsing it here. I MIGHT have sent something else I'd copied to send to another.

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Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

In American English: Neighbors : ) You may have known that. I wonder if AI conforms to the variations in English around the world. Now to read your poem.

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Kevin Patrick 20 June 2023

I think that neighbor is my grandmother. It always amazes me the interest others havr in other peoples lives. A great analysis of human nature.

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Rajan T Renganathan 20 June 2023

Your neighbours are very naughty, do they spy? Change your house.

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Nosheen Irfan 20 June 2023

Enjoyed reading. I love the wit and humour here.

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Sheeya Hacks 24 June 2023

Are you serious? I hope you are not, just for fun.

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Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

If you DON'T want them peeping at you while you are in your 'underwear', TAKE IT ALL OFF! ! ! bri ) five stars to this entertaining and thoiught-provoking poem. : )

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Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

Do 'you' do your fighting in your driveway, on your patio, or in your outdoor sauna? ? Or do 'you' live in a clear glass home?

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Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

stanza 1: Yes, be open-minded aka 'receptive to arguments or ideas'. Maybe the neighbors aren't spying for 'bad' reasons e.g. they are not planning to invade your home, but for 'good' reasons e.g. to copy YOUR good examples of a stable, happy existence

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Bri Edwards 20 June 2023

I guess 'perplexities' can make sense in stanza 1. 'PERPLEXITY: 1: the state of being perplexed: bewilderment 2: something that perplexes 3: entanglement

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