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Ehli - Poem by Stella Andrews

this ones to you and all your shimmering glory
to your beautiful soul that makes me feel like im swimming
in a lake of glowing smoothness that has no other colour
then that of ehli :)

i shy away from speaking my true feelings
scared that if i say and admit them out loud,
then ill fall hopelessly in love with you
oh you and your beautiful voice

im scared that if i fall in love
i will ignore the bad and set myself up for pain
and hard days and nights and years
all in the ignorant bliss i put myself in to hold you

you are so real, alive, funny, smart and sweetly tough
you have a sparkle about you that makes you shine over everyone else
i feel so perfectly right just being me around you
as if that's all ill ever have to do

ehli, you are so perfect to me
you are everything dot for dot that i could ever want
i feel safe and so loved, but also seen, with you
i know that if i loved you, i could never love another

so that is why i shy away from telling you
because once i give you my heart
its soo easily broken
because ill never take it back from you

i am so true and i have so much love to give
i will treat you as if you are higher then a king or god himself
never would you feel alone or unloved again
ill make you the happiest man on earth

with my unconditional love
never ending loyalty
depths of my heart trust
and understanding best friend

im only scared to love you ehli,
because of how blinding it is
so if you honestly love me,
down to past where the goblin lives,

in your heart you know that you will try your best
to love me, not hurt me, never cheat on me,
make me laugh when i cry and safe when im scared,
then make me believe it too.

make me believe you honestly want to love me
and ill give you my heart, undying love,
body and soul,
for now and for eternity :)

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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