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Eid Mubarak - Poem by Nasarudheen.P. Parameswaran

EID UL FITR is a Festival of Muslims followed by day-fasting (from dawn to dusk) of one month. It increases the resisting power, self restraint to desires and improves self control.
Reading holy Qur'an too improves the Spiritual and Social awareness.
During Ramadan a perusal of holy Qur'an taught me thus:
1. A preacher should read and think on the Qur'an verses and assimilate himself(2; 44)
2.Qur'an is introduced in simple language so that one can read and think on the idea. But, how many of the readers do so? (54: 17,22,32, and 40.) .
Repeated use of the same sentence stresses that idea.
3.Qur'an is introduced as light and guide to the readers(the faithful) who think intelligently on the verses.(12: 111 and 14: 52) .It is to enlighten the uncultured class in the society.
4. Whoever (Muslims, Christians, Jews or Sabis (who believe in Astrology and in idolatory) , who believe in Allah, do pray and do good, need not be afraid of or be sad.(2: 62 and 5: 69) .
5.Irrespevtive of male or female all are created from the same Soul and are equals.(4: 1) .There is no partiality in giving rewards between men and women.(16: 97)
6.Worship only the sole Omnipresent Creator(the best Helper and Protector/Patron,3: 150 and 2: 255.) so that the faithful may refrain from vices.(2: 21) .
7.The doer alone is binding/deserving to his deeds and to the befitting rewards.(2: 139) .
8.With patience, perseverance and prayer we are told to request to Allah who is the Giver. He is with people of patience.(2: 127)
9.We will be tested by loss of wealth, health, of even life. Those who can patiently follow such calamities will have a happy life. (2: 155-156)
10.Everybody can have his faith.There is a principle of non-interference in others faiths.("For you your faith; for me mine"(109: 6) .
11.There is no compulsion is propagating ones faith(2: 256) . Those who need (desire so) may believe it or may not believe the pieces of advice (the truth) in Qur'an.(18: 29) . Even Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) is not allowed to use authority(power) during preaching his Faith(88: 21-22) . If the Prophet of Islam was prevented by Allah from using force in propagation of Islam, who can harass people the world over to make them believers?
12. Jihad (holy war) is to be done only to survive/to save ones Spiritual and material existence. It must be fought-with the Qur'an- according to the instructions stipulated in the Qur'an. It is defensive not aggressive or conquering in nature. Unless and until promises /agreements are not violated or enemies of Muslims are not helped, Muslims are directed to follow the same good attitude towards others. (9: 4) Animosity to a group shall not be a reason not to do justice to others.(5: 8) .
Virtues will be well rewarded(Heavenly life) and vices promptly punished(with Hellish life) . This promise and warning are that the holy Qur'an puts forth to us. Imperfect man will have to refine himself and to choose the right path that give him and his society happiness.

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