Eight Syllables Poem by Denis Martindale

Eight Syllables

God's here! It's time! He's back again!
The poem's on its way!
When writing time calls for my pen
As I begin to pray!
'I'm ready, Lord! Inspire me,
Let wisdom lead me now! '
And thus God grants new poetry,
To melt my furrowed brow...

Eight syllables were in my mind!
Then six to follow on...
A leap of faith would help unwind
The twirling lights that shone...
Within those lights were mysteries
And prophecies galore,
In hopes to melt the miseries
That life still holds in store...

The first line penned, the second, too,
The phrases set in time,
Now all I needed was a clue
To match the words in rhyme...
The mind-set locked on only this
And left and right ignored,
To concentrate, not stray amiss,
To wait upon the Lord...

And there it is, the daydream clue,
Eyes open with insight,
Beholding like a TV view
The things I had to write,
The path set out, a forest trail,
To track where it might lead,
As God revealed a brand new tale
To help me to succeed...

Yes, that works well, the verse takes shape,
Another scene appears
And it thrills me in my dreamscape,
With laughter and with tears...
God has a sense of humour, folks!
He's witty and He's wise!
He shares a modern twist on jokes
That takes me by surprise!

The storyline so quickly forms,
From sudden thoughts within,
It's like the heart inside me warms,
My head's still in a spin!
Yes, I've got it! There's the punchline!
My poem's almost done!
Well, praise the Lord! It's worked out fine!
My word, Lord! That was fun!

Denis Martindale, copyright, September 2012.

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