Eighty Eight Feet Of A Man Is A Man Poem by Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Eighty Eight Feet Of A Man Is A Man

He was wrong, too wrong.
A fire burned all over the conurbation
And the old man's blanket was wrapped;
A fire in a blanket,
The young man did not know his home.
Home is washed away
Looking for the path to the brunch of the park in the afternoon,
His looms nothing if a vision can see;
The cloud's sleepy face, as it is seen in the coldness.
There are no birds in the sky,
No birds in the tree,
The butterfly is not in flower,
How you tell it alive!
Young man is so reasonable to wearing a pajamas of frustration,
Look and not be looked,
I know,
Eighty eight feet of a man is a man;
The march will be at the door of your evil deeds.
I want you to be better.
If you can,
Yes today.
I want you to be better.

(KS,15012020, Court Road Sreemangal)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: social injustice
Jabed Jaman 15 January 2020

Bro it is a heroic poetry.Thanks.

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Dickinson Siverstein 20 January 2020

Raise your voice poet like this way

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Heny Hanis 15 January 2020

Very Interesting protesting poem it calls me to read.Title was much more interesting.Thanks poet

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rajib 15 January 2020

very wonderful wetting that calls me to read...nice and interesting title

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 January 2020

A poignant and thought provoking write. The title drew me to read this poem. Liked the closure lines with a wonderful message.

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tavir haider 15 January 2020

what a greatest poem. Thanks.

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Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Mamunur Rahman Kayes

Sreemangal, Bangladesh
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