Safi Hyder

Mirage (Urdu Ghazal) - Poem by Safi Hyder

Naqaab purr naqaab chadayay kyuun zamanay nay
Gar tashnaa hi maarnaa thaa humay, saraab phir bata'ey kyuun zamanay nay

{Why did the people put mask upon mask over their faces
If wanted to kill me thirsty, why did the world show me the mirage} ***

Sadiyoun kay safar nay laayi manzil jabb humaray qareeb
Aakhri rahguzarr purr pehray lagaae'y kyuun zamaanay nay

{When the ultimate destination came closer after a very long journey
Why did the world place guards on the last few steps}

Minnatoun baad kiaa Saaqi nay jabb hijaaab buland apnaa
Humaray Labraiz paimaanay chalka'ey kyuun zamanay nay

{After repeated requests when the Saaqi agreed to lift her veil from face
Why did the world spill the wine from our brimming glass}

Aayi bahaarein jabb chaman may humaray
Purr khaar phool bichaaey kyuun zamaanay nay

{When the springs came in our garden
Why did the world place thorny bushes there}

Yaaroun kee berukhi nay kiaa humay jabb dushman kay qareeb
Dosti kay raag bajaayay kyuun zamanay nay

{When the indifference of friends took us nearer to enemies
Why did the world play the songs of friendship}

Taubaay kulli karr chukay hum jabb apnay gunaahoun say
Naseehatt kay daras padhaaey kyuun zamaanay nay

{When we had admitted and sought pardon from our sins
Why did the world teach us the lessons of ethics and morality}

Ulajh rahay thay hum jabb shabay gham ki udaasi say
Raushni kay diyay bujhaaey kyuun zamanay nay

{When we were battling out with the sadness of sorrowful night
Why did the world blow off the lamps of light}

Ishq kay imtehaan say Sarfarosh hum jabb guzar chuka
Hijr ki sazaa phir sunaayi kyuun zamanay nay

{Sarfarosh, when we had already faced the test of love
Why did the world impose upon us the punishment of separation again}

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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